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Hi, I’m Misty!

I am a mom of three and I know firsthand the challenges that comes with raising children. Thankfully, travel has given me the ability to be my best self for my family. And that’s why I love sharing travel ideas, tips and itineraries all geared towards helping you feel fulfilled, whole and alive.

Living My Own Glam Journey

The idea of living your version of a glam life isn’t about being materialistic, but rather, living without restriction. Everyone has their own version of what a glamorous life means to them and here at Glam Journey, we explore glamorous living through travel and exploration.

The idea for this blog started when I realized that I felt most alive and glamorous when I was traveling. There’s no better feeling than the one you get when you come back from a trip feeling refreshed and alive.

After sharing countless adventures and fielding numerous questions about how I travel so much with children at home, the second part of this business, Glam Escapes, was born.

As moms, we constantly give so much to others and I believe travel is a way to give back to ourselves.

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