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A Tourist’s Review of Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico – The Good and The Bad

Sep 26, 2023 | Puerto Rico | 0 comments

Are you considering a stay at the Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico? You’re likely looking for an unforgettable getaway that promises you good times, great food, and plenty of fun. As a tourist who recently stayed at this iconic hotel in San Juan Bay, I can tell you right away that the Caribe Hilton certainly delivers on its promise – but as with any vacation spot, there are pros and cons to consider. In this blog post I’m going to share my honest review of the hotel from my recent visit: the good features and services I came across during my stay; as well as potential areas for improvement. All in all, though, it was quite an enjoyable experience so let’s jump into some details!

Leave your passport behind as U.S. citizens can visit Puerto Rico hassle-free. Experience the getaway without the hassle of currency exchange, cell phone service issues, or Visas. Fun fact, San Juan is the birthplace of the Piña Colada which is the perfect blend of flavors that made Puerto Rico famous. Since 1954, this iconic drink has been created right here, alongside these stunning beaches. Caribe Hilton has welcomed guests since 1949. With 17 acres of lush tropical landscaping, nine restaurants, beautifully designed island color-inspired rooms, a spa, and an oceanfront pool complex, you may never want to leave.

Heads up! Pay attention as I jump around quite a bit in this blog post. Sorry!

San Juan Airport-Pro

Prime location just minutes away from San Juan Airport (SJU). A major advantage as airlines like Southwest frequently operate flights to and from San Juan. Ideal spot for convenience and accessibility.

Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico’s Location

1 C. San Gerónimo, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

Food at Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico – Con

Terrible food, disappointing restaurants, and wasted money – my experience at this resort was a complete disaster. Despite nine restaurants on-site, I couldn’t find a single satisfying meal and ended up hungry. Even the expensive room service nachos were inedible. My advice? Save your money and dine elsewhere. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Experience the culinary delights of San Juan’s incredible restaurants and don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor them, instead of spending your money on expensive resort food.

Below is the presentation which is deceiving! Click here to see the restaurant selection at the hotel. The only food I could stomach was sandwiches and coffee at the Ice Cream & Cookies Co. located in the hotel.

Beach at Caribe Hilton- Pro

This is the perfect beach getaway with calm, beautiful water and an uncrowded, serene atmosphere in the afternoon. There are plenty of places to sit back and relax, it’s the ultimate destination for total relaxation. I hate fighting crowds so this was perfect for me.

Huge bonus! It’s a kid-friendly paradise at the lagoon with zero waves. Smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Rooms at Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico- Pro

You will experience luxury and modernity in their impeccably clean and updated rooms, a haven designed for ultimate comfort. I suggest treating yourself to the breathtaking beauty of an ocean view, a sight that will leave you awe-inspired. And if that’s not enough, brace yourself for a mesmerizing display of fireworks on your balcony every weekend.

Conferences at Caribe Hilton- Pro or Con

This is an ideal conference destination, boasting multiple spacious venues. However, if you’re seeking a peaceful vacation away from the hustle and bustle of working professionals, this may not be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you’re attending a conference, this hotel is a perfect fit. Immerse yourself in a dynamic atmosphere where professionals dress to impress and work diligently while spending your evenings relaxing in the sun.

Disney Cruise Ship- Con

The hidden truth about the resort’s pool and beach. While I initially mentioned it was not crowded on the beach, there are a few moments when it may get a bit busier. This is when the Disney Cruise ship docks and drops off passengers who choose to spend their day in Puerto Rico at this resort. Although sharing the beach with Disney Cruiseers is not my favorite, it’s still a unique option to consider if you are sailing. You may experience the allure of overcrowded beaches reminiscent of Atlantis in the Bahamas. If you’ve been fortunate enough to stay at that renowned resort, you’ll instantly relate to what I’m saying.

Swimming Pool Bar at Caribe Hilton-Pro

Experience the lively atmosphere of our swimming pool bar, where music fills the air and laughter abounds. Although I didn’t spend much time here personally, it was clear that everyone absolutely loved hanging out at this vibrant hotspot. Heads up! I usually always see bachelorette parties when I am traveling but this hotel is a bachelor’s destination: this place seems to be the go-to spot for men.

Caribe Hilton Activiites-Pro

As an avid fan of all-inclusive resorts, I was thrilled to discover the exciting array of activities they offer. From Pina Colada tasting to a wide range of engaging experiences, Caribe Hilton promises endless enjoyment. Although the Pina Colada tasting event was unfortunately canceled during my visit, I can only imagine the incredible fun it would have been.


While I personally don’t indulge, I can’t deny the overwhelming love it receives from countless enthusiasts. That’s why it’s worth mentioning as a Pro. One of my favorite things about Starbucks is its unwavering reliability when it comes to satisfying hunger pangs. Whether it’s a quick bite or a satisfying meal, I can always count on Starbucks to come through.

Hilton Points-Pro

I enjoy the benefits of my IHG Chase Credit Card and Hilton Honors account – it’s a winning combination. Booking hotel rooms with my points is a no-brainer when it comes to saving money.

All-inclusive in Puerto Rico?- Con

Unlimited everything in Puerto Rico? Think again. Being a US territory, Puerto Rico is not the place to find all-inclusive options. Our higher salaries make it just too expensive for resorts to offer this luxury in the United States.

Early Check-in at Caribe Hilton-Pro

Experience the incredible convenience of early check-in at their hotel. When I arrived, I was able to check in at 9 a.m., something that is almost unheard of these days. No fee for early check-in. Win-win!

Final Thoughts on Caribe Hilton in Puerto Rico

All in all, I highly recommend the Caribe Hilton if you’re considering it as an accommodation for your upcoming vacation. Is it a perfect hotel? It doesn’t have to be for you to enjoy your stay. As long as your expectations are managed and you keep an open mind, you can expect to have an enjoyable visit to San Juan Bay. The good times will definitely outweigh the bad, so don’t worry about running into any major problems. If you’re looking for a convenient escape that ensures plenty of fun activities, great food, and comfortable surroundings, the Caribe Hilton should be on top of your list. So why not give Glam Escapes a chance and book your next Caribbean adventure with them today? Click here to learn more.

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