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All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Oct 8, 2020 | Central America | 0 comments

What kind of traveler are you? Does a beautiful and natural waterpark in Mexico sound fun to you? Does unlimited snorkeling, tubing, water activities, food, liquor and beer sound like your ideal vacation? If so, I have the best, all-inclusive waterpark for you, right here in Cancun! Xel-Ha Park is a natural waterpark that also comes with a multitude of multicolored fish and the best marine life. You can’t get better than this!

Woman floating in water at Xel-Ha. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

COVID-19 Warning: Masks are required on the transportation bus and when entering the park. A mask is not required while inside the park. However, a mask is required when standing in line at the lunch buffet. Also, for your safety, your temperature will be taken before entering the park and your shoes will be sanitized.

About Xel-HA

Xel-Ha Mexico is a natural waterpark located in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. This park has unlimited water/land activities, tubing, snorkeling, food and drinks.

Bridge and water with hut at Xei-Ha. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Park Information

The park is open 8:30 am – 6:30 pm.


Adults Online Price


Children Online Price for ages 5 to 11


Free admission for children ages 4 and under

Click here for tickets.

Xel-Ha Total Admission – Food, breakfast buffet, lunch buffet, drinks and optional activity.

Optional Activities include: Adrenalina, Sea Trek and Snuba

Adults Online


Children Online – ages 5 to 11


Click here for Total Admission tickets.

How to save?

10% off – when purchased 7-20 days in advance
15% off – when purchased at least 21 days in advance

Insider Tip: Xel-Ha Total Admission is free if you are staying at the Hotel Xcaret. Reservations are required in advance . Please click here for more information about the hotel. Also, transportation will be provided by the hotel.

What to wear

Swimsuit, swimsuit cover-up, water shoes, chemical-free sunscreen, waterproof phone case and sunglasses.

Woman hiking in the mayan jungle at Xei-Ha. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Everyone receives a free locker with their admission ticket. The lockers are close to the entrance, therefore, you should leave any items in the locker that you will not need for the entire day.


You can find selfie photo stations located all over the park. There is no need to carry around a camera, if you are willing to pay for pictures. These guys are located in all of the important spots, so all you need is your wrist band to activate them. Say “Cheese”!

Crab-shaped camera in front of resort.| All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Once you enter the park, you may want to get a drink from the “open” bar. Yes, this waterpark has free liquor and beer! Keep your drinking cash in the hotel room and bring plenty of tip money because you’re about to have the time of your life.

Also, the drinks are on the strong side, but if you are anything like me, you may want to skip on some calories and go straight to the shots. Shot shot shot! Who hears Pitbull in the background?!

Man at the bar hut ordering a drink.| All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Tubing / Snorkeling the River

Now that you have your drink, it’s time to head out to the river for some Texas-style tubing….the “Mexican“ way on salt/fresh water.

Also, this is your chance to walk though the Mayan Jungle trails in Mexico, all while sipping on your favorite cocktail. This is the life!

Man walking with a drink on the sidewalk through the jungles at Xei Ha| All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Before entering the water, you are given a free tube, life vest and snorkel gear. You can select from an individual or a double tube. Life vests are required during this activity!

Man and woman taking a selfie tubing through the jungle waters at Xei Ha| All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Insider Tip: If you lose your snorkel gear, you are required to pay for it. We lost our snorkel gear, while participating in the water activities. If you find a nice snorkeler ask him / her to snorkel around the edge of the river. We found a TON of “lost” gear in this area and were able to replace gear, therefore saving us $30…Yay!

The gentle current will take you down and around, then dump you out into the open water surrounded by land. It takes about two to four hours to complete, based on what you decide to do when in the water.

Woman floating in water at Xel-Ha. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Man standing on the pier above the water. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Do not worry, nets are provided by the park to keep out the big fish…duunn..duuuunnnn!

My husband snorkeled the majority of the time, while I relaxed in my tube.

Man swimming posing with seashell he found. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Insider Tip: Make sure you ALWAYS put marine life back where you found it.

During your journey down the cenote, you will come across places to jump and adult water playsets with ziplines.

Scenic Lighthouse

These individual waterslide give you 360 degree view of the Caribbean Sea. It is absolutely breathtaking! Also, the best part about this water slide is that it is…extremely FAST! Grease Lightning or should I say lighthouse lightning? Yeah, I’m not sure if that works…

Scenic lighthouse by the water. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Insider Tip: If you wait until later in the day, you can do this ride over and over again, without any lines.

Explore a Mayan Cave & Take Flight in the Magical Cenotes

The Mayans considered these caves to be their sacred place. At this park, you will have access to explore these unsupervised caves.

Man climbing through caves in the water. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Woman floating and swimming in the caves in the water. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

You can rope swing like the “Chuc Kay” the Guardian of Air into a cenote, then swim until your heart’s content.

Man using a rope swing to jump into the water. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Man swimming. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Take a Bike Ride though the Jungle

Before the day was over, we wanted to float down the river one last time. We decided to take a bike ride through the Land of Huh, which will take you back to the beginning over the river.

Man riding a bike through the resort. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Local Lizards

All around the park, you will see the most adorable lizards just hanging out.

Lizard on the sidewalk. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

Be careful! They hate being picked up. My husband had a ton of battle wounds to prove it.

Man picking up a lizard. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Lunch / Dinner

Let’s talk about the food! Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included at this park with Hotel Xcarte and Total Admission ticket. The Mexican buffet has everything you could ever dream of. You can’t even find this kind of selection in Texas and Texans love Mexican food!

Pass me the tortillas please! Yum!

Plate of lunch food at a restaurant. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya
Plate of seafood at a restaurant. | All About XeI-Ha Park in Riviera Maya

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