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Aulani Disney Resort and Spa – A Guide to the Ultimate Vacation Destination

Jun 25, 2023 | Hawaii | 0 comments

Aloha! Are you ready to experience an unforgettable family vacation? Look no further than Aulani Disney Resort and Spa, the ultimate destination for an incredible getaway! From its breathtaking ocean views in Hawaii to world-renowned entertainment from Mickey Mouse and his pals, your family will enjoy all that Aulani has to offer. With pristine pool areas, luxurious spa amenities, mouth-watering restaurants, amazing water activity offerings and so much more, this is sure to be a holiday that you won’t soon forget. So grab your suitcases and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime; let’s explore what makes Aulani Disneyland Resort and Spa a truly magical place! Aloha Aku No, Aloha Mai No

Where is Aulani Disney Resort and Spa?

Aulani is Disney Resort located on O’ahu Island in Hawaii.

Adress: 92-1185 Aliinui Dr, Kapolei, HI 96707

Hear me out, folks! When you think of Hawaii, O’ahu may not come to mind as the quintessential tropical paradise. It’s a little touristy, a little crowded, and not quite the authentic experience you’re craving. This is where the big city of Honolulu is located and you will experience city life. Sadly, we stumbled upon a naked homeless man taking a shower in the middle of the street. So, let me suggest after your Aulani stay: hop over to one of the other gorgeous Hawaiian islands for that truly tropical, genuine vibe. Trust me, it’s worth it plus it’s an extremely short flight.

My Backstory

Now, listen up because I’m about to spill the beans on my secret love affair with Hawaii. It’s more than just a mere destination to me. My fam bam has deep roots on these tropical islands. My parents tied the knot here, and my grandparents called it their home for decades! Fun fact: my grandpa was the top dog (Base Commander) of the Air Force stationed in Hawaii. For me, Hawaii will always hold a special place in my heart.

Going back to my Hawaiian roots is a big deal, especially sharing it with my kids. It’s a magical feeling to share the island’s beauty and culture with them, and my heart swells seeing my daughter wear the same dress I did as a kid. Check out the adorable pic below. Yup, that is my dress from when I was in Hawaii as a child. Yes, I have that mom who saves everything!

Big Thank You!

Shout out to our family pal Dave! He didn’t hesitate to show us around his heavenly island the minute he found out we were in Hawaii. Dave, you’re the real MVP for being such an awesome long-time family friend!

Airport and Transportation

The deets you need to know: the go-to airport is Honolulu International Airport (HNL) and it’s only 25 minutes away from the resort. Don’t stress about driving, we took the easy route and called a large Uber ($122 a trip) – perfect for our family and we avoided those pesky daily parking fees. But if you’re up for a day’s adventure, feel free to rent a car from the resort and explore all the island has to offer. Driving around the island takes about 6 hours without traffic.

Is food included with your stay at Disney, Aulani?

Just wanted to give you the heads up that food isn’t included in this resort. This place is seriously awesome, but it does come with a hefty price tag. Don’t worry though, I’m putting together a blog post with all the mouth-watering restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. Get ready to satisfy your taste buds with some seriously delicious eats!

How many days are enough at Aulani Disney Resort and Spa?

OMG, we stayed at that resort for a whole week and it was a bit of a snooze-fest after day 3. My expert travel advice: chillax for 3 to 4 nights and then hit up some other islands for exciting adventures. My kiddos were over it after 3 days and we had to go on an epic excursion to keep them from whining about being bored. Plus, staying there for too long is $$$$$. Save your cash and have more fun by hopping around to different spots!

Magic Bands

I was livid when I discovered that I could have brought my magic band to access my hotel room and make charges! I’m obsessed with my adorable magic band and it was a downer having to wear their clunky plastic bands for days on end. Those things were as stubborn as a mountain troll – uncomfortable and impossible to remove. Trust me, always bring your magic bands for a smoother and more enchanted vacation experience.

Mickey Ears

It’s time to break out those Mickey’s ears! As a diehard Disney fan, I never miss a chance to wear mine. We even pretended like we were headed to Disney World! Don’t forget to pack all your favorite Disney must-haves, like a Disney backpack and Disney suitcases. Trust me, you’ll feel like a part of the magic all vacation long. You’re going to be among fellow enthusiasts who share your love for all things Disney.

Get ready to rock your Disney vacation with some badass Hawaiian light-up ears. You can customize your ears for $40, and trust us, it’s worth every penny. My daughter had such a blast making her own ears – and you will too! Plus, you’ll get to flaunt your creation at the epic A’Lu’au party. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to truly stand out from the crowd! Yes, they light up at night.

Disney A’Lu’au

Ready to hula your way into memories you’ll never forget? Don’t miss out on the Disney A Lu’au – a must-attend event when in Hawaii! As a kid, this experience was one of my all-time favorites, so why not relive the magic again with my kids? Get your grass skirt ready because my blog post is coming soon.

Here is the link to our adorable matching outfits.

Beach at Aulani Disney Resort

Are you tired of worrying about your kids getting swept away by big waves? Look no further! This beach is the perfect spot for your little swimmers. With calm waters and a cozy cove, your kids can splash around all day while you kick back and enjoy the sun. Just remember to bring some beach toys and snorkeling gear for a day of fun in paradise. Also, the cove is an absolute paradise for snorkeling – my hubby had a blast! For a small fee, you can rent beach toys and snorkel gear.

Before you hit the beach in Hawaii, listen up – you’ll need sunscreen galore to avoid turning into a lobster. Trust us, we learned the hard way (ouch!). The island rays are stronger than you think, so don’t take any chances – slather on that lotion or risk a painful and embarrassing burn.

You will notice all the parents rockin’ tumblers. They’re not just for water if you catch my drift 😉. And guess what? No one’s stopping them from bringing those tumblers to the beach. So why not pack one for yourself and live your best vacation life? Hint hint!

(No lifeguard on duty.)

Snorkeling at Aulani Disney Resort

At their massive aquarium, your kids can experience the thrill of snorkeling. Even my usually timid daughter was hooked and became a brave little fish. She even took on the aquarium solo! But here’s a tip: the water is chilly so be prepared. Unfortunately, my son couldn’t handle the cold and opted out. Get ready for an adventure that will have your kids talking about it for ages. Plus you do not have to worry about Jaws ruining your experience.


Are you a go-go-go type of person like myself? Then, one day at the pool is all you need. With a lazy river, water slides, and a swimming pool, your kids will be entertained all day long. Some resorts might have your little ones begging to stay forever, but this is a one-and-done kind of trip.

I absolutely love this rule – no chair-saving allowed with towels. The staff checks on every chair every hour, moving the towels to see if someone’s actually there. If the towel’s still in the same spot an hour later, they’re gonna give that chair to someone else and reclaim all the towels. Forget the frustrations of chair-hunting; these rules make it easier to find a chill spot for your family.

The pool opens at 8:00 am.

Grocery Store

Hey there, good news! Just a hop, skip, and a jump (well, more like a 6-minute leisurely stroll) away from the resort is the super cool ABC Grocery Store. This groovy grocery joint has everything you need for your stay, snacks, drinks, and more. No need to waste your precious moolah getting pricey goodies from the resort when you can get everything you need just a short walk away!

Disney Characters

Woo hoo! Big news alert! We kept bumping into so many amazing Disney characters, it was unreal. But here’s the bummer – we said hi to them so many times, I never even grabbed a pic. Learn from my mistake! Catch those characters in action and snap a quick pic of your little ones saying hi.


Get ready to zen out because your room has got it all. Stay refreshed with complimentary water and get your caffeine fix with free coffee. Plus, upgrade to a room with a garden view and you’ll score front-row seats to an A’Lu’au show without spending a dime.

Hawaiian Excursion

If you’re itching for an island expedition, I’ve got just the thing for you. Check out my blog post below and get ready to explore every corner of this breathtaking paradise. Don’t miss out on this adventure of a lifetime!

Pearl Harbor

Get ready to relive history. Don’t miss your chance to visit Pearl Harbor. However, make sure you book in advance as these tickets are hotter than the Hawaiian and sell out fast.

Let’s get real for a sec – what’s your all-time favorite Disney song? I’ll go first!

You’re Welcome-Song by Dwayne Johnson

What can I say except, “You’re welcome”
For the tides, the sun, the sky
Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay
You’re welcome
I’m just an ordinary demi-guy

Ahh, Aulani Disney Resort and Spa, is the perfect island paradise where you can make memories that will last a lifetime. From its beauty and serenity to an exciting array of activities, the resort truly has something for everyone. Relaxation comes easy in the lush spa facilities and magnificent pool areas while your little ones get swept away by all of Mickey Mouse’s magical antics. Some of the world’s best dining can also be found within the walls of Aulani, creating a sensory experience like no other. To put it simply, there’s never a dull moment during an adventure at Aulani. So why wait? Let Glam Escapes book your family’s next trip — your vacation that will keep you talking long after the sun sets and the palms sway in the warm Hawaiian breeze. Click here to learn more about Glam Escapes. Aloha! A hui hou

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