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Best Places to Travel in 2021

Jan 24, 2021 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Where to go? Where to go in 2021?! Good news, things are looking up right now. Bad news is, planning a trip right is even more exhausting than it was in the past. It’s hard looking for vacation spots that will not have you canceling your plans a few days after you booked the trip. Countries and states remind me of the Katy Perry song “Hot N Cold”. They change their minds like a girl changes clothes. This is understandable considering the current world-wide pandemic. I’ve listed the best places to travel in 2021 that have been consistent when it comes to having a great vacation experience AND when it comes to safety measures. No, I do not have a crystal ball, that is why this blog post is based on places that have been consistent with their decisions regarding Covid and travel. Now is the great time to start planning a local, out of state, or even an international vacation in 2021. You know what is best for your family. You got this! Turn those lemons into lemonade. Who’s ready for lemonade?

Woman sitting in a chair on the beach at Son's Island.| Son's Island in Seguin, Texas

The travel industry employs over 98 million people around the globe. Booking a trip helps support those people and their economies. A lot of countries remain closed while others are beginning to open their doors. The ones opening are doing it correctly with extreme health and safety protocols. You will see crews wiping everything down all day, every day. Both airlines and resorts are doing their best to implement these safety measures to ensure everyone is well.


You should be constantly checking the travel restrictions for destinations that you are hoping to visit. It changes daily.


International travel just got harder. Per CDC, a negative COVID test is required for anyone entering the US. The airlines are required to enforce these new practices. If you plan to visit another country make sure you have access to a COVID testing site at the country you are visiting. Keep in mind, a “travel” COVID test may not be covered by your insurance while exiting or entering. I personally will not be traveling international. I’ve already received a false positive PCR that caused panic and delays to a vacation. Luckily, I had zero symptoms and thank goodness I received two negative PCR tests the following days. I would hate to be stuck overseas for 14 days. I’m not going through that headache again!

Here are my top 3 international travel spots you should travel to in 2021.
Viva Mexico
Couple kissing in front of the Viva Chiapas sign in Mexico Park. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

I’m a Texan so my “go to stop” will always be Mexico. Mexico was one of the first to re-open it’s borders and they are doing a fantastic job of keeping their resorts safe. No test is required to enter, plus no quarantine is required upon arrival.


Looking for thrilling, all-inclusive vacations that include the excursions in the price? This hotel is perfect for any active family who loves being on the go.

Check out my blog post on Hotel Xcaret. Click here.

Woman kayaking in the water in Cancun at Hotel Xcaret.| Best Places to Travel in 2021
Woman ziplining in the jungle.| What to expect at Xenses Park in Mexico
Los Cabos

Want to chill and hang out like a celebrity? Are you looking for a spot that is secluded? There is a reason celebrities love this hotel. You have the entire place to yourself. Nobu Hotel is the perfect spot for those who want to stay far away from other people, even before COVID.

Click here for blog post.

Woman walking down the sidewalk between large palm trees. | A Guide to Nobu Hotel Los Cabos - A Relaxing Girls Trip
Woman eating breakfast outside her hotel by the pool. | A Guide to Nobu Hotel Los Cabos - A Relaxing Girls Trip
Costa Rica

This is one of my favorite countries. It will take your breath away. I was surprised to see that Costa Rica re-opened November 1, 2020 and has remained opened. I honestly thought they would be one of the last countries to open, so it was a pleasant surprise. This eco-friendly country is an inspiration to us all and a must see. No test is required to enter, plus no quarantine is required upon arrival.

Click here to read my blog post.

Couple posing at the Lava Fields Walk and Ecotermales Hot Springs in Costa Rica. | Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano

This made my list because first, the people are amazing and second this place should be on everyone’s bucket list. Did you wonder where all the celebrities were jetting off to during the pandemic? Well they were heading off to either Mexico or Turkey. These two countries were the first to open their borders, therefore, I’m confident they will keep those doors open. Their economy depends on tourism income. No test is required to enter, plus no quarantine is required upon arrival.

Click here to read my blog post.

Couple dressing up like the Turkish royals underground in Basilica Cistern. | Istanbul, Turkey
Domestic Travel

The United States is a huge country with over 50 states to choose from. The states I have selected were the first to open and have announced they do not have any plans of closing. When planning a domestic vacation, make sure you check the state and the counties travel restrictions. Some states and even some counties require a COVID test. The states below do NOT require a COVID test, nor do the counties. Keep in mind, sometimes a county requires a COVID test, but the state does not. Know before you go!

Woman taking a selfie with the beach and shores behind her. | Guide to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Alabama
Here are my top 3 states to visit in the USA.

Florida is number 1 on my list. Florida is known for its amazing theme parks and beaches. There are so many things to do in Florida. What can I say, my family and I love Florida, that’s why we are there at least every 6 months.

This state is open at 100% occupancy and most major cities require a mask when in a public place. I do not predict Florida changing their minds anytime soon, so you do not have to worry about canceling your much planned trip.


If your family is healthy and you have younger kids, then may I suggest LEGOLAND. At no point did I feel unsafe. We went when the occupancy was at 50% (pre-mask) and the park was empty. We literally had the entire park to ourselves. I’m not sure if that will happen again, but I do think LEGOLAND is taking safety measures seriously and are doing a fantastic job of keeping everyone safe.

Click here to read my blog post.

Mom and daughter posing in front of Unikitty's Disco Drop.| Guide to LEGOLAND Florida

If you want a low-key relaxing vacation away from people, then Destin is your spot. This turquoise beach is just as nice as any beach you will find in the Caribbean. The beaches can get packed so go early and leave early. Masks are not required on the beach.

Click here to read my blog post.

Woman in the water with her daughter in Destin. | Destin, Florida with the Kids

I believe Alabama is underrated and worthy of being on my top list of best beaches.

Gulf Shores

Turn up the country music and grab your sunglasses, bathing suit, mask, and beach bags. This is where you can find our hidden tropical paradise in the south. Masks are not required on the beach.

Click here to read my blog post.

Kids swimming with their dad in the gulf shores. | Guide to Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Alabama

Y’all know I’m a Texan, so there is no surprise Texas made my list. This state is massive, therefore, there is so much to see and do. There is no mask requirement for ages 10 and younger. Masks are required for 10 and older inside ALL public places.

Big Bend National Park

I’ve lived in Texas all my life and I had no clue the most amazing National Park with over 108,000 areas was right in my own backyard. This park is near the Mexican-Texas border with the most breathtaking views. This is the perfect spot to social distance and enjoy mother nature, while adding some steps to your fitbit. I’m still kicking myself for waiting until my late 30’s to experience this Texas treasure.

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Woman posing with window trail and large rocks at Big Bend. | Best Places to Travel in 2021
Dinosaur State Park

Looking for somewhere to take the kids? This is the park. Walk where an actual dinosaur walked.

Click here to read my blog post.

People standing with the large dinosaur statues at the front of the park. | Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas
Son’s Island

This Texas island is a great place to camp and swim. Do not worry about crowds, because everyone gets their own private cabana and private tent.

Click here to read my blog post.

Outdoor cabana by the water at Son's Island.| Son's Island in Seguin, Texas
Mom with two kids laying in a tent at Son's Island.| Son's Island in Seguin, Texas
Lake LBJ

Lake LBJ is located in the beautiful hill country and is a great escape from the crowded city.

Click here to read my blog post.

Two women friends smiling with the water behind them.| Adult Summer Vacation on Lake LBJ
City of Granbury

Welcome to Texas’ best kept secret. This adorable, historic city is only a 50-minute drive from Fort Worth. This small Texas city is perfect place to social distance.

Click here to read my blog post.

Woman and little girl outside enjoying a beautiful day at the charming Historic Granbury Square.| A Guide to Granbury, Texas
The Retreat at Artesian Lake

A place where alligators lay and COVID stays away. Camping is a great way to social distance. This retreat is one of our favorites. You will become one with nature.

Click here to read my blog post.

A man and a little boy fishing off the porch of the retreat cabin in the woods at the lake.| The Retreat at Artesian Lakes in Texas
Epic Waterpark

Feeling adventurous? This indoor water park is a perfect, small getaway for those looking for a quick vacation without the heat. The park has been featured in some of your kids favorite YouTubers videos. To start the excitement, watch a video before you go.

Click here to read my blog post.

View of waterslides at Epic.| Epic Waterpark in Dallas, Texas

If you are looking for local vacations, do not worry, I go you covered. I have some amazing companies that are located right here in the USA. No need to fly around the world when one of these places could be right in your own backyard.

Great Wolf Lodge

We all know that Great Wolf Lodge is the place to be with over 18 locations all over the US. I’ve added them to the list, because it makes for a great mini vacation or perfect weekend getaway.

Click here to read my blog post.

Woman with her two kids looking in the windows at the waterpark at Great Wolf Lodge.| Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas

You are required to have a drink in your hand and your toes in the sand when visiting this small paradise. If you are going to social distance, then social distance at a resort that makes you feel like you are no longer in the USA. There is no need for international flights this year when paradise is right here in your own backyard.

Want a discount?

Use code: GlamJourney for 30% off

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Woman sitting on a lounge chair at the pool holding a margarita and smiling. | Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe
Jellystone Park

Camping and water parks are my go-to while socially distancing. With 75 parks located all over the US and Canda, these parks are the perfect low key family fun vacation. They have something for everyone’s budget, from RVs, cabins, or camp sites. Your kids will love it.

Click here to read my blog post.

Little girl posing with three bear characters at Jellystone in Texas. | Jellystone Park in Waller, Texas

Looking for more travel ideas? I have a ton of exciting places I plan to travel to in 2021. No hints will be given on this blog post. If you want to know where I’m going subscribe to my blog or follow me on Instagram. If you see a spot you like book it. I hope to inspire you to get out and see the world. Start living your dreams.

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