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Explore the Wildlife of Espanola Island in the Galapagos

Nov 25, 2023 | Ecuador | 0 comments

Are you in search of a uniquely exhilarating and exotic travel experience? Look no further than Espanola Island in the Galapagos! From sea lions lounging on stark white sand beaches to blue-footed boobies making their air acrobatics, a trip to this Archipelago will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into another world. And with its wildlife inhabitants, there’s plenty for nature and animal lovers alike to explore. So pack those bags, get ready for some fun in the sun, and take a journey through one of the most isolated and inspired regions in South America!

Wow, there’s so much happening in the world, but escaping to the Galapagos Islands completely caught me by surprise! I never imagined having the Galapagos Islands on my bucket list, let alone Espanola Island in the Galapagos. It seemed like a distant dream, something unreal. But guess what? After experiencing it firsthand, I realized it’s totally doable, albeit a bit on the expensive side. These islands are simply magical, they revive your soul, making you slow down, appreciate nature, and soak up the relaxed vibes. Trust me, it’s a journey you don’t want to miss out on!

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Espanola Island in the Galapagos

Española, the southernmost and oldest of the Galapagos Islands, is one cool place! It all started with a bang – a classic shield volcano formed from a single caldera at the center of the island. But as it slowly drifted away from the Galapagos hot spot, the volcano fizzled out. Talk about a volcanic retirement! Erosion then kicked in, transforming Española into one of the flattest and lowest islands in the archipelago. Spanning a size of 23 square miles, this place might be small but it sure packs a punch of excitement. Don’t worry about climbing any mountains here, the island is relatively flat, with its highest point barely reaching 675 feet. With this level of terrain, you can expect a dry and sunny climate that’s perfect for all your outdoor activities.

But wait, there’s more! Being one of the most isolated islands in the Galapagos, Española is a hotspot for unique wildlife. They got the Española mockingbird, the Española lava lizard, and let’s not forget the fabulous waved albatross! And that’s not all – sea lions, red-billed tropicbirds, and Galápagos Hawks join the party too. And get this – they even have marine iguanas with red and green traces, and the legendary blue-footed boobies! Trust me, Española is where the fun and fascinating creatures call home.

How to get to Espanola Island in the Galapagos

While it’s true that most visitors prefer a Galapagos cruise to reach this stunning island, I’ve got an insider tip for you. If you choose a land-based option on San Cristobal Island, you can hop on a day trip to Espanola Island, just two hours away. That way, you’ll get to experience the wonders of both islands without the 12-hour boat journey from Santa Cruz.

San Cristobal Island – A Paradise in the Galapagos Islands

What to do on Espanola Island in the Galapagos

Morning– Suarez Point

Suarez Point, our very first landing spot. It’s a dry landing, so you can ditch those water shoes and wear your trusty tennis shoes instead. As soon as we set foot on the lava rocks aka land, we were greeted by curious lizards and crabs. But the real highlight was when we encountered a playful baby sea lion and its momma. We got up close and personal with them, it was incredible. This moderate hike is a circular trail of 1.9 miles, with some rocky spots along the way. Follow the trail to the awe-inspiring ocean blowhole and keep an eye out for the vibrant sally lightfoot crabs scuttling along the shoreline. With a fun guide leading the way, we took approximately 2 and a half hours to complete the trek.

Evening– Gardener Bay

For the grand finale, we made our way to the awesome Gardner Bay where we made a wet landing (don’t forget your water shoes!). As we hopped off the dinghy, we were greeted by adorable sea lions scattered across the never-ending white sand beach. I had a blast leisurely strolling and chilling out, watching those silly lions. You won’t believe it, but you can even swim alongside these playful sea lions right from the beach. If that’s not enough excitement, you can explore the bay and islets by kayak or hop on a Zodiac ride to check out the caves teeming with fascinating invertebrates. Prepare to be amazed by the vibrant underwater world near Tortuga Rock, it’s a snorkeler’s paradise.

So, here’s the deal with sea lions. Yeah, they might look lazy in pictures, but guess what? On shore, they’re all like “I’m too cool for school,” but once they hit the water, they become the life of the party! These guys are super sociable and playful, making them the ultimate water buddies.

All things considered, a visit to the Galapagos Islands and Espanola Island in particular is definitely something to keep in mind when planning a vacation. You won’t regret it – trust me! As soon as you set foot on that magical island, you will forget all your troubles and lose yourself in its beauty. From exploring the wonderful wildlife and snorkeling around crystal-clear waters to sightseeing through captivating landscapes, every moment spent there will be worth your while. So if you’re feeling like treating yourself to something special, why not make a trip to escape paradise? Once you’ve experienced it first-hand, you’ll never be able to look at the world the same way again! Now what are you waiting for? Let’s go explore some islands!

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