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First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas

Jul 6, 2021 | Texas | 0 comments

Looking for something to do? You can shop ’til you drop at the world’s oldest and largest flea market, right here in Texas. So, get ready to sleep less and shop more! Now pack your bags, stop at the ATM, and tell your husband that you are doing your part to help the Texas economy. Yee Haw!

Woman holding tea cup in shop.| First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas

Where is First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas:

800 1st Monday Ln, Canton, TX 75103

When is the First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas:

The flea market is held one weekend per month, Thursday-Sunday, prior to the first Monday of the month. Open from sun-up to sun-down. Click here for the calendar.

About First Monday Trade Days in Canton Texas

You can shop, sell, and even stay in Canton. There are over 5,000 vendors selling a variety of items from all over Texas at First Monday Trade Days. People from all over the world come here to find antiques and unique items. If you are NOT interested in shopping, but you are a talented vendor, here is the perfect spot to sell those extraordinary wares and make some extra cash.

Where to Stay:

If you are coming from out of town, there is absolutely no reason for you to stay in a boring hotel. Click here to learn more about Silver Spur Resort.

Covered wagon with steps and fake yellow cactus. | First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas
Inside of covered wagon with bunk beds, table and queen sized bed. | First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas

If you haven’t been to the First Monday in Canton, then you are missing out! Now I know what you are thinking… what do they have? They have everything!

Boutique Children’s Clothing & Accessories

There is a variety of children’s clothing for both formal and casual occasions. They have baby clothes, toddler outfits, and even the most adorable older kid clothes. Are you looking for shoes and accessories for your little one? They have that too. It is a boutique paradise!

Woman holding dress in a shop. | First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas

Women’s Boutique Clothing

This is a one-stop shop for women’s clothing. They have everything you need to look good for the upcoming season. I love that they have many trendy tops and dresses for every size. The majority of the vendors lean towards country glam or the “mom look”. However, maybe 1 or 2 vendors lean more towards my favorite, the “trendy hip hop” look.

People shopping in a clothing store. | First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas

Boutique Shoes

The shops even have all the latest boutique-style shoes. I’m personally a massive fan of the boutique Golden Goose style shoes. If you are wondering what the heck is Golden Goose shoes. They are intentionally looking dirty shoes with stars on them.

Woman shopping in store. | First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas


This should be one of the main reasons you are going. You can spend an entire day roaming up and down through vendor shops looking at antiques and still not see everything. This place is massive! If you can’t find what you are looking for it’s because you ran out of time NOT because they didn’t have it.

Woman turning and smiling at the camera at an outdoor market. | First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas
Front of the building at the outdoor market. | First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas

Home Decor

If you love farmhouse decor, this is the spot to shop. I would say about 95% of the home decor vendors are selling the farmhouse look. I personally wish they had more of a variety of home decor for everyone’s style. So if you are thinking about being a vendor here’s your ..hint!

Woman holding tea cup in shop.| First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas

If you are in Texas and you love to shop, then add this place to your bucket list. This is the perfect escape from the rush hour and fast pace lifestyle that most Texans are used to from living in the big city. This is a slow pace relaxing country escape that all Texans need to experience. So, start planning your next getaway, and when you return tell me all about it in the comments below.

Here are some resources that will help you during your future trip to Canton.

Click here for a copy of the First Walking Map.

Want to become a vendor click here.

Click here for the parking map.

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