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Galapagos Island: with TBA Escapes – A Review for Women Wanderers

Feb 29, 2024 | Ecuador | 0 comments

Ladies, gather round as I give a review of my voyage to the enchanted Galapagos Islands with TBA Escapes. This is more than just a review; it’s a story of adventure, self-discovery, and the magic of sisterhood under the sun and stars. Whether you’re a solo wanderer seeking the company of like-minded explorers, a mother-daughter duo ready to create unforgettable memories, or a group of friends in pursuit of the ultimate getaway, TBA Escapes tailors an experience exclusively for women travelers like us. Join me, as I divulge every lush detail of TBA Escapes’ Galapagos adventure. For every free spirit, every curious soul, and every woman with a case of wanderlust: this review is for you.

Imagine waking up to the soft serenade of Pacific waves, spending your days in the company of giant tortoises and playful sea lions, and engaging with nature in a way that’s respectful and awe-inspiring. This was my life for 7 nights/8 days on a brand-new carbon-neutral luxury yacht by Eco Expedition. This was my opportunity to witness animals in their natural habitat, undisturbed and unafraid of human presence.

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Where does the TBA Escapes Galapagos tour go?

This is an exclusive all-women adventure with a group of 18 like-minded explorers, where we began our memorable voyage from San Cristóbal Island. The curated expedition then took us to the stunning shores of Española Island, followed by the enchanting Floreana Island. We continue onwards to the bustling life of Santa Cruz Island, before marveling at the unique wonders of Sombrero Chino and the enigmatic landscapes of Bartolomé Island. As our odyssey took us to the rich ecosystems of South Plaza Island and North Seymour, our connection with nature deepened. Our incredible journey culminates back where we started, in the welcoming arms of San Cristóbal Island. Now take a deep breath! Lol

Upon reviewing the above adventure-packed itinerary, two responses typically surface such as sheer amazement or disbelief at its intensity. I find it to be amazing! TBS Escapes’ journeys cater to the spirited, not the sedentary beach dwellers. These tours are crafted for the active souls who yearn for a comprehensive schedule brimming with discovery. Designed expressly for women bitten by the travel bug and driven by an insatiable desire to soak in as much as they can, this itinerary is a dream come true. If your spirit resonates with mine, you’re bound to fall head over heels for this masterfully planned adventure. There is no need to think or plan. Just pack your suitcase and go!

What do you do on the Galapagos Islands?

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, hiking through nature, and marine activities like snorkeling or swimming alongside sea lions, this adventure is for you. This tour caters to nature lovers and water enthusiasts of all kinds.

How fit do you need to be for the Galapagos Islands?

The tours mostly involve hiking, engaging in several hours of trekking each day through terrains that may include rocky patches. While most of the hiking trails are rated easy and within the ability of many travelers, a reasonable level of fitness can certainly enhance your experience. Notably, individuals of varying ages and abilities have successfully embarked on these adventures without issue, suggesting that while fitness is advantageous, it is not an absolute prerequisite for enjoying the wonders of the Galapagos.

What is the age range on the tour?

The tour caters to a diverse age group, typically from 19 to 50 years old. This broad age spectrum works out well, offering unique opportunities to mingle with people across different stages of life. To enhance the experience, the tour organizer (Katie) takes care to match you with a roommate close to your age and with similar interests.

My own experience with a roommate turned out to be excellent. She was very tidy and organized, while I tended to be a little more disorganized. Despite our differences, our routines synced perfectly. We both appreciated early nights – usually asleep by 9 pm – and enjoyed quiet time for reading before sleeping, without the need for conversation. This understanding allowed us to establish our room as a peaceful space for relaxation after a social day on the tour.

What is included on the TBA Escapes tour?

This tour provides an all-encompassing experience, featuring three daily meals, an open bar, and the assurance of no hidden fees. These tours appeal to me immensely due to their transparency; upon arrival, guests are welcomed with inclusive amenities such as transport, lodging, dining, beverages, cocktails, excursions, and necessary equipment. It’s the certainty of a complete service that’s most gratifying. Often, the hidden costs associated with additional services on a week-long tour can accumulate quickly, leading to frustration; fortunately, with this TBA Escapes, that concern is eliminated, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable adventure.

What is not included on the Galapagos TBA Escapes Tour?

If you’re new to using a tour agency, important details regarding your trip expenses must be kept in mind. Airfare is not provided; travelers must arrange their flights to and from Quito as well as pay for their connecting flight to the Galapagos Islands. Accommodation in Quito is also not part of the package and should be booked independently. Additionally, all travelers must acquire travel and medical insurance before the commencement of the trip, which will be an out-of-pocket expense. A mandatory gratuity fee of $400 is required for the crew. These conditions are standard across most tour packages but may come as a surprise to those unfamiliar with tour agency practices. It’s crucial to be aware of these requirements to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.

Helpful suggestion: On your last day booking a late flight from Quito to your home city can help you save money by avoiding an extra hotel night. We returned to Quito by 10:00 AM, and my flight wasn’t until 10:00 PM. The TBA Escapes service includes a free drop-off at the Galapagos airport, where you can wait comfortably for your flight. Also, the airport in Quito features Capital One lounges where you can relax and pass the time before your departure.

Guides on Galapagos

This tour is an unforgettable adventure guided by two of Galapagos’ very own, Karina and Melena. Why two female guides, you ask? At TBA Escapes, they curate tours that resonate with the spirit of female travelers. Their local experts come directly from the Galapagos, providing you with an authentic experience and vibrant storytelling. Their profound connection to the island enriches each encounter, offering a treasure trove of cultural anecdotes, wildlife wonders, and marine secrets. With these amazing guides at the helm, you’re in for a tour that’s not only incredibly informative but bursting with fun! I cannot say enough good things about these ladies. They are amazing!

What is it like to be on a Yacht for 7 days?

Frankly, I’m used to the sway of the sea and I love yachting. Yet, by the sixth day on board, the thought of solid land was growing increasingly appealing. A peculiar sensation had taken hold of me; it may have been the constant sway of the waves or the tight quarters of the vessel. But one thing was clear—I was eager to step off the boat. For those accustomed to big cruise ships, be warned: this isn’t your typical cruising experience. Yachting offers its uniqueness, you can feel the ocean’s waves and living spaces can be tight. You have to be warned so you are mentally prepared.

Do cell phones work in the Galapagos?

The yacht has superb Wi-Fi that keeps your cell phone with service But heads up, ladies – once you disembark, the cell signal can play a game of hide and seek. For those with T-Mobile, brace for a digital detox as the service tends to take its own vacation!

How should you dress for the Galapagos?

TBA Escapes will request you respect the local wildlife by packing accordingly. You should pack shades of nude, black, and white, keeping vibrant hues aside to maintain the calm of wildlife habitats. The goal is to harmonize with nature’s palette.

Make sure you visit Quito before or after your Galapagos tour.

You won’t want to miss this destination.

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