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Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

Jun 20, 2021 | Texas | 0 comments

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Are you gearing up for a weekend trip to shop-till-you-drop at the famous “First Monday Trade Days”, in Canton? There is no need to stay in a boring hotel while you are shopping at the world’s oldest and largest outdoor flea market. Why not add some spice to your weekend by glamping in style at, Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas? You can thank me later! I just saved you from purchasing that weekend stay at another boring hotel. You’re welcome!

Covered wagon with steps and a fake yellow cactus. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

I have partnered with Silver Spur Resort for this post. The best part for me is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog post. This is my honest opinion, with no constraints. For the record, I pick locations that I want to personally go to.

Lodging Information Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

Silver Spur Resort has several lodging options anyone might possibly need. They have a KOA RV campground area, large ranch-style houses, cabins, tiny houses, and best of all, wagons. Yes, you read that right! They even have wagons. We stayed one night in the tiny house and one night in the wagon. For an extended stay, I would recommend the tiny house, since it has its own bathroom and more space. For a weekend trip, I suggest the wagon. It was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had. That’s a bold statement coming from someone who travels for a travel blog.

Here is my tour of their adorable tiny house called the Hen House. I know what you are thinking… are the beds comfortable? Yes, yes, they are. Are you thinking about cooking in your tiny house? There is a Walmart close by, in Canton. I suggest going grocery shopping once you enter Canton if you have a long drive.

Here is a tour of the Conestoga “Covered” Wagon. This is by far the coolest way to spend the weekend. I know what you are thinking on this one…does it have A/C? Yes, yes it does! It actually got so cold in the wagon that I was shivering all night. Important information! There is no coffee maker in the wagon, so if you are a coffee drinker, bring instant coffee. If you plan to cook or grill bring your cooking items too.

Inside covered wagon with bunks beds and queen bed. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas
Woman smiling sitting on a queen bed inside covered wagon. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

The wagons share community bathrooms with the other wagon guests, which is normal for glamping. Thank goodness these restrooms are located close to the wagons. At other glamping sites, I’ve had to walk at least half a mile through the scary woods, at night, just to go to the restroom. Thank goodness, going to the restroom at the night is just a hop, skip, and jump away at this resort. However, the parking spaces are right in front of the restrooms so I suggest you keep your luggage in the car. It’s way easier to grab what you need for the day out of your car than head to the restrooms. It makes it so that you are not hauling your stuff to the restrooms every day, and it frees up space in your small wagon.

Bathroom inside covered wagon. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

Each wagon comes with a picnic table and grill.

Picnic table and grill outside at camping site. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

I have insider information too! Shhh do not tell anyone, but a birdie told me that treehouses are coming soon at Silver Spur Resort! I cannot wait to come back and spend an entire weekend in one of their treehouses. I stayed in a treehouse once in Austin and it was awesome!

What to Eat at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

Q & Brew

Come hungry! Their onsite restaurant is amazing and it is even open to the public. We tried several restaurants in Canton, and I suggest you stick to Q & Brew. There is zero reasons to leave the resort for food when everything you need is right here. The food is high quality and delicious! Look it is even photogenic.

Three trays of lunch food. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

The meals come with free beans and cornbread that you get before your meal. OMG so good! Yes, that is honey on top of the cornbread.

Three bowls of soup on a table with corn bread in a cast iron skillet. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

Look who I ran into at the restaurant. Yes, that is the country music star, Randy Travis! He is the reason I love country music. I fell in love with his song “Forever and Ever, Amen” back in 1987. I remember singing this song over and over again after my grandmother introduced me to country music for the first time. I grew up in the 80’s listening to the Eagles, Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince with my parents. Let’s just say the country music channel wasn’t something they tuned into during their car rides. His songs bring back some of my best childhood memories with my grandmother. It was really cool to get to meet him. Even he got the memo that the food is delish!

Woman smiling with Randy Travis in restaurant. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

If you are exhausted after shopping and you are not in the mood to eat out. They have take-out options too.

Resort activities at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

I was surprised to see so many activities they have available at the resort. My college student and her friend stayed busy the entire trip just hanging out at the resort. Here is what they have:


Pedal Boats

Catch and Release Fish Pond

Kids Playground

Yard Games

Human Foosball

Mini-Golf (coming soon)

Escape Room

I suggest purchasing tickets in advance to play one of the two escape rooms that are available: Apocalypse Escape Room or Treasure Hunter Escape Room. We had a blast figuring out how to escape the Apocalypse Room. An experiment has gone wrong in a lab in Canton, Texas. Our job was to disarm the gas machine in the lab to save the world from Dr. Parker. Also, our goal was to escape the room in time to live to tell the story. This was my first escape room, and I can say I’m now addicted. It really is a ton of fun trying to figure out all the puzzles and clues while under a ticking clock. If you haven’t tried an escape room, here is your chance.

Man and woman inside office working with paperwork at tables. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

My sign says “Good thing I’m pretty”. To be honest, the college students did all the real work.

Three people posing with signs in front of Escape Room logo. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

Weddings at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

If you are looking for a country farm-style wedding venue, they have the most adorable barn for that. The best part is, all your guests can stay on-site for a respectable price.

Large barn with covered wagon in front of it. | Glamping at Silver Spur Resort in Canton, Texas

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