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Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Aug 27, 2020 | Central America | 8 comments

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Looking for a truly all-inclusive vacation? I’m talking: food, drinks, activities, transportation, and excursions. Yes, I even said excursions are included with your stay! Did I get your attention? Leave all your travel worries behind, because I have the hotel that does it all. Here is my guide to the BEST hotel in Cancun. Just pack your bags and book your flight!

Woman kayaking in the water at Xcarte. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

COVID Warning: There is no quarantine upon arrival to Mexico. However, masks are required in the lobby, during busing, and when entering a restaurant.

About Hotel Xcaret

Welcome to Xcaret, where you can find caves, coves, winding rivers, and the jungle right outside your hotel room. This hotel is tucked away in the Rivera Maya area that overlooks the warm Caribbean Sea. You can spend an entire day just roaming this massive hotel grounds, or better yet hang out in your hammock and enjoy views of the ocean, rivers, pools, and even the jungle.

Insider Tip: I hope you are not afraid of heights because these fun tropical hanging bridges are located all over the property.

Outside patios at the hotel. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
Bridge-like hallway at the resort. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
What is included:

Airport Transportation

Food and Drinks, which includes alcoholic beverages & beer

24-hour room service

9 Park excursions- blog post coming soon

Transportation to excursions




Cancun International Airport

Cancun – Chetumal Km 22, 77565 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico


The hotel offers free airport shuttles. If you are a frequent traveler you know airport transportation can be expensive.

Large black transportation bus parked outside hotel. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Insider Tip: Make sure you give the hotel your flight information in advance so you are on the bus list once you arrive.

You can even order an expensive $14 drink outside the Cancun airport while you are waiting on the shuttle. It was intense, so it was worth it!

Woman holding alcoholic beverage at the Cancun airport. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Before boarding the shuttle, they will check your temperature, sanitize your bags and shoes, and give you an Xcaret face mask.

Complimentary face mask inside a bag with the Hotel Xcaret logo. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
What to expect upon arrival:

After check-in, you will meet with your concierge to go over your itinerary. This is where you will double-check your excursions and dinner reservations. If you have any questions about the park, this is the time to ask. Also, make sure you ask for a map because the resort is large.

Two men sitting the lobby talking. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Insider Tip: Bring plenty of masks, because you will lose them and they are expensive to buy on the resort.

Wrist Bands

You will receive a wristband at check-in. This band gives you access to your hotel room, Xcaret Parks, pictures (I will talk about this in a minute), and it is your credit card.

Man wearing a Hotel XCARET Mexico wrist band | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

You can find selfie photo stations located all over the hotel and parks. There is no need to carry around a camera, these guys are located in all the important spots, so all you need is your wristband to activate them.

Crab-shaped camera in front of resort. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Just scan your wristband and say “cheese”. You can buy all the pictures for a low price, which also includes all the hotels and parks. Make sure you take full advantage, because the price is right, so scan away!! Below are some examples.

Woman standing the bridge at night. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
Woman ziplining in the jungle. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Insider Tip: If you plan to take your phone, bring a waterproof case.

Hotel Rooms

The buildings are called “casas”. Each casa represents a natural element and symbol from the Mayan culture. The best part is the rooms are massive and luxurious, plus they all include a hammock on the balcony. Also, every room is stocked with water, soda, beer, and plenty of authentic Mexican candy. Here is a video of our level 1 room, which is the cheapest room.

Insider Tip: We reserved the cheapest room. I thought all rooms are created equal based on the square footage. I suggest you upgrade to a room with a view if you have the funds. Our outside view was of the lobby and restaurants. Nothing is relaxing about sitting outside in a hammock watching everyone watch you as they eat. I would UPGRADE even if it’s just one level.

A huge bonus, everyone receives a free beach bag once they arrive at their room. We used it our entire stay. Who doesn’t like a free gift?

Beach bag hanging in the hotel room.| Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
Man outside reading signs around the hotel.| Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Insider Tip: Only 4 people per room no exceptions.

Casa Fuego

This is the adult-only section. The section has a rooftop bar and pool. Only Casa Fuego guests have access to this section. (tear face)

See-through pool bridge at the hotel.| Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
All-Inclusive Parks
Woman ziplining in the jungle. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Xcaret includes 9 incredible parks with your stay. Each park has its own Mexican adventures from zip lining, propelling into a cave, swimming in caves, ATVs, kayaking, snorkeling, mud baths, touring the Mayan ceremonial center, and so much more.

Warning: You must make your reservation in advance for the following parks:

XEL-HÁ PARK- Click here for the blog post.

XAVAGE PARK- Closed due to COVID


XOXIMILCO CANCUN- Click here for blog post.


XENOTES ENIGMATIC WATERS TOUR-Click here for the blog post.



Email your reservation request to before your stay.

The following parks require no reservation. You can come and go as you please. XPLOR PARK- blog post coming soon

XENSES PARK- Click here for the blog post.

Transportation to and from parks is included with your stay.

COVID Warning: Masks are required when on the bus, but not during the excursion. Your temperature is taken before entering a park along with the bottom of your shoes is sanitized.

Insider Tip: Bring water shoes!



The beach is rocky and the waves are fierce.

Two lounge chairs at pool facing the ocean.| Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Most people hang out at the ocean lagoons that are located all over the park. The water is calm, the atmosphere is relaxing, plus the waiters are constantly making their rounds for refills on drinks. Also, it’s not hard to find your own personal area that you can claim all to yourself. Oh yeah, baby!

The pool deck filled with lounge chairs.| Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
View on the beach from on top of a hill.| Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Kayaking and Paddle Boards

You can reserve a kayak and paddle board for free. Yes, unlike other resorts that like to nickel and dime you, this place takes all-inclusive seriously.

Woman kayaking in the water at Xcarte. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Insider Tip: Show up early, otherwise you may end up on a waiting list.


We are a family who loves to play tennis, but sadly we ran out of time. There are plenty of open tennis courts to make any tennis lover’s heartbeat faster.

Food at Xcaret

There are 11 mouth-watering restaurants that will take you around the world.

Please note, the following restaurants need reservations before arriving at the hotel:

Xin-Gao- Asian

Teatro Del Rio- Dinner & Show

Las Cuevas- Brazilian Steakhouse

Email your reservation request to before your stay.

Insider Tip: If you are a craft beer lover you may be disappointed. The beer selection is extremely limited, but the liquor selection is massive.

Here are some of our favorite restaurants at the resort.

BIO Restaurant is vegan and it is amazing! Not many people know about this restaurant, so if the waits are long at the other restaurants this is the place to sneak off to. A massive bonus for me is you can find gluten-free options! Yay!

Breakfast – Can you say YUM!

Plates of breakfast food on a table.| Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Lunch! Again, can you say YUM? Shrimp tacos.

Plate of shrimp tacos on a table.| Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

The view!

A table outside at a restaurant with beautiful view on the water behind. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Las Cuevas– Steakhouse (reservation required)

Come hungry! Because this is a cross between an all-you-can-eat buffet and a fine-dining Brazilian-style steakhouse. This is your chance to indulge in some of the most amazing-tasting meats from all over Mexico. Should you make a reservation? Heck Ya! It’s darn good.

A man being served by a waiter at a restaurant. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
A man being served by a waiter at a restaurant. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
Plates of food on a table. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

It’s located in a beautiful cave!

View inside the cave restaurant. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Xin-Gao– Asian

If you’re in need of some gourmet sushi, this place is for you. The food is delish. You can sit at a table and order, or you can watch a Japanese Hibachi show. You decide.

View of the dining room of Xin-Gao restaurant. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico
Bowl of soup at Xin-Gao restaurant. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Since everything is free, then you should try the Curry Chicken. I was practically drinking it as I was leaving the restaurant. It’s that darn good.

Bowl of curry chicken at Xin-Gao restaurant. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Teatro Del Rio– Dinner & Show

Do you love a good Mexican/Caribbean theme show and seafood? This place is for you! This restaurant has a set menu, but it offers a kid’s meal for the little ones. You need to make reservations for this restaurant.

Teatro Del Rio show with dancers on stage. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Soft shell crab tacos appetizer.

Plate of soft shell crap dinner. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

Lobster and Steak… remember it’s all-inclusive so order 2 or heck even 3 because you are on vacation dammit.

Plate of a lobster and steak dinner. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

The breakfast Buffet is authentic and delish. This was our go-to spot every morning.

Plate of breakfast food from a buffet. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

The ladies are making the food right in the front. Hello Chilaquiles.

Women preparing breakfast in the restaurant. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

And the coffee will bring a smile to anyone’s face. I heart you Mexico.

Cup of coffee with a foam heart. | Guide to Hotel Xcaret in Mexico

If you are planning a trip to Cancun, Mexico, and want to know where the best hotel is to stay at, then this is it. No more research is needed. You found it here on my blog. Now start planning that trip!

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  1. Taylor

    Thanks for the post! This was very helpful. How did you decide on a room? I haveN’t seen any.

  2. Christy carey

    Thank you for your FANTASTIC review. I have to eat gluten free as i saw you mentioned. Do yoU know if gluten free bRead, piZza, pasta, and french toast is available at Hotel xcaret. I just booked a trip there. ThAnk you.


      The only thing I can remember was that they had a gluten free restaurant! The food was fantastic.

  3. morgan autrey

    Does the transportation run 24/7 from the airport? We leave early on our departure day and I was worried about this.

  4. Sally McKinnis

    How soon before your visit did the hotel reach out to coordinate excursions and reservations?


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