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Hawaii Excursion -Explore the Magic of Hawaii with a Grand Circle Tour

Jul 4, 2023 | Hawaii | 0 comments

Are you looking for a way to see all the sights O’ahu has to offer without spending hours and hours on different buses, boating tours, and planes? Look no further than our exciting motor coach tour, which provides an unforgettable experience! Take in breathtaking views of Diamond Head from Amelia Earhart Lookout, and stop by infamous historical sites such as Dole Plantation and Nu’uanu Pali Lookout before heading over to the picturesque Byodo-In Temple. Next, explore the wild beauty of Hanauma Bay and Halona Blowhole while also stopping at Sandy Beach and Makapu’u Point. They then go on toward Kahala District for unique Shopping experiences followed by visits to Kualoa Ranch Legends & Legacy Tour, View Chinaman’s Hat, Kahana Bay, and North Shore beaches like Waimea Bay – so much fun awaits! Join us for this journey that will give you a lifetime memory.

Just a heads up, the excursions don’t have that classic “Disney Difference” touch or any of our lovable cast members. But don’t worry, it’ll still be a blast.

How do you book a Grand Circle Tour in Hawaii?

Click this link or book through your hotel.

Hawaii Excursion- Grand Circle Tour

Woo-hoo! I live for those epic adventures where I can just chillax and soak in the sights! This tour company takes care of everything, it’s like a dream come true. Talk about touring with effortless relaxation! This tour got your back from transportation to grub. Sit back, relax, and let them take care of everything. Now this is a vacation.

Heads up! Their itinerary could totally change depending on what their amazing tour guide decides and of course, pesky traffic. So get ready to embrace changes and go with the flow like a cool cucumber without any fuss. Keep your mind prepared and enjoy the ride.

My Backstory

This island means EVERYTHING to me – as I mentioned in my last post. Showing my kids around brought back SO MANY emotions from when I was a little one exploring this paradise. I seriously had tears streaming down my face. I feel incredibly lucky to relive those memories with my own family. #blessed

Breakfast @ Leonard’s Bakery

Get your taste buds ready for the ultimate Hawaii breakfast experience – hot malasadas, also known as Portuguese donuts. This tour will have you trying the local favorite, and trust us, it’s OMG good.

Halona Beach Cove & Blowhole

Our tour kicked off with a visit to the epic Halona Beach Cove & Blowhole. Get ready to swoon. This spot is not just any tourist trap – it’s where SEVERAL blockbuster movies were shot. And trust us, the view is so stunning, it’ll make your head spin.

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • Hawaii Five-O
  • I Dream of Jeannie

Unfortunately, the blowhole wasn’t doing its thing when we visited, but don’t worry, I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’ll put on a show for you!

Nu’uanu Pali Lookout

Get ready to feast your eyes on breathtaking views at the Nuʻuanu Pali Lookout, located just a quick five-mile drive from downtown Honolulu! This hidden gem boasts stunning panoramic views of the towering Koʻolau cliffs and the lush Windward Coast – it’s a feast for the senses you won’t soon forget. This is where the locals go.

Heads up! Get ready to ride the rollercoaster up the mountains! But don’t let motion sickness get in the way of your good time. Pop some nausea-busting pills beforehand and let the adventure begin.

Byodo-In Temple in Hawaii

Want to check out a piece of Japanese history right here in Hawaii? Say hello to the Byodo-In Temple, located in the stunning Valley of the Temples Memorial Park at the foot of the Ko’olau Mountains. It’s a scaled-down replica of a 950-year-old temple in Uji, Japan, which is recognized as a United Nations World Heritage Site.

My daughter is totally into everything Japanese, so you can imagine her excitement when we visited the epic Byodo-In Temple. It’s such a joy to see her dreams come to life. She’s so kawaii!

Coffee & Nuts

Our adventure led us to a fantastic coffee and nut haven. We got to taste scrumptious nuts and sip on delicious coffee, all on the house. And the best part? My little one was absolutely nuts about cracking them open and munching away.

Lunch on the Hawaii Excursion

Lunchtime! You venture to a sweet little Hawaiian roadside joint, where you indulge in some garlic shrimp. Not only is this spot totally rad, but you feel like a true local chowing down on this irresistible dish.

Got some picky eaters in your crew? Don’t worry, they have you covered with some delicious fried chicken tenders. And if that’s not their thing, feel free to bring along their favorite snacks.


On our tour, we hit up some seriously cool shopping centers and local fruit havens. Our family is all about that organic fruit life, and let me tell you, we struck gold at this market. It doesn’t get more organic than this, folks.

Waimea Falls @ Waimea Valley

Ready to discover a waterfall in Oahu? Look no further than Waimea Falls. Don’t worry about battling through the crowds, because it’s super easy to get to. In fact, you’ll be basking in the beauty of this majestic waterfall in less than a mile. Don’t forget your swimsuit and water shoes. We were too pooped to take a dip by the end of the day, but we relaxed and soaked up the stunning waterfall view instead.

Life vests will be waiting for you at the waterfall if needed.

Dole Plantation

The tour’s grand finale is a delicious stop at the one and only Dole Plantation. This amazing place first opened as Hawaii’s “Pineapple Experience” in 1989 and it’s been a must-visit ever since. Top your day off with some seriously yummy ice cream and call it a day! But wait, there’s a catch: you gotta buy your own scoop. Don’t worry though, it’s worth it. Get ready to treat yo’self!

Exploring the magical island of O’ahu doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. With a Grand Circle tour, you will be able to experience all the beauty and unique culture that makes up Hawaii without having to worry about getting from place to place. A Grand Circle Tour also allows you to explore Hawaii at your own pace and find hidden gems you wouldn’t necessarily see on a typical tourist path. So if you’re ready for an adventure unlike any other, book with Glam Escapes today and start planning your dream Hawaiian getaway! Enjoy the serene beaches, picturesque waterfalls, and local delicacies as you let Hawaii work its magic on your heart and soul. Aloha!

Click here to learn more about Glam Escapes.

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