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Homeschooler’s 7-Day Immersion in Colonial America

Jun 13, 2024 | Homeschool, Massachusetts | 0 comments

Field trips are an invaluable part of homeschooling, bringing history to life and providing immersive learning experiences is the reason why we homeschool. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best field trip locations that will captivate your homeschool family while covering Early American History. Integrating these trips into our curriculum enriched our child’s understanding of the past, making it both engaging and memorable. I hope it does the same for your family. Let the fun begin!

Early American History Travel Itinerary

Over seven days, you’ll explore key locations in Massachusetts that played pivotal roles in shaping the nation. This immersive experience is designed to bring history to life through hands-on learning, guided tours, and interactive exhibits.


Boston Logan International Airport

Day 1-2: Plymouth, Massachusetts

Boston Logan International Airport to Plymouth- 2-hour drive


  • Plimoth Patuxet Museums (formerly Plimoth Plantation): Step back in time and explore the 17th-century English Village and Wampanoag Homesite. Engage with costumed interpreters to learn about the daily life of Pilgrims and Native Americans.
  • Mayflower II: Climb aboard a detailed replica of the original Mayflower. Hear tales of the harrowing 1620 voyage and the hopes of its passengers.
  • Plymouth Rock: See the iconic symbol of the Pilgrims’ arrival in 1620. Learn about its significance and the myths surrounding it.

Day 3 & 4: Salem, Massachusetts

Plymouth to Salem- 2-hour drive


  • Salem Witch Museum: Delve into the infamous Salem Witch Trials of 1692. The museum offers a comprehensive overview of the events and their impact on American history.
  • The House of the Seven Gables: Explore this historic house made famous by Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel. Learn about colonial architecture and the life of the author.
  • Peabody Essex Museum: Discover one of the oldest continuously operating museums in the country, featuring a vast collection of maritime history, Asian art, and early American artifacts.

Day 5-7: Boston, Massachusetts

Salem to Boston- 1-hr drive


  • Freedom Trail: Walk the 2.5-mile trail that takes you to 16 historically significant sites, including the Boston Common, Paul Revere’s House, and the Old North Church.
  • Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum: Participate in a reenactment of the Boston Tea Party, explore restored tea ships, and view interactive exhibits.
  • Old State House: Visit the site of the Boston Massacre and learn about the building’s role in the American Revolution.

Homeschool Materials


What was the First Thanksgiving?

What was the Boston Tea Party?

What were the Salem Witch Trials?

Pocahontas and the Strangers

The Boy Who Fell Off the Mayflower

Almost Home

Activity Book

History Pockets: Pilgrims

History Pockets: Colonial America


The Patriot


Liberty Kids

America the Story of Us


Wrap up this enriching experience with a deeper understanding of Early American History. Each location offers unique insights and learning opportunities, making this seven-day itinerary a comprehensive educational adventure. Now pack your bags!

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