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How to make the most of your trip to Florence, Italy

Oct 9, 2022 | Italy | 0 comments

If you’re planning a trip to Florence, Italy, you’ll want to make the most of your time in this beautiful city. From taking in stunning Renaissance architecture to indulging in delicious Tuscan cuisine, there’s plenty to see and do in Florence. To help you plan your trip, here are my top tips for making the most of your time in Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance.

I think that I can say without a doubt, Florence is one of the most beautiful cities in all of Italy! It has such an incredible history and there are so many things to do while you’re visiting. The people are really nice too- it felt like they were just happy being alive, with us tourists walking around taking pictures and marveling at the beautiful landscape before us.

You will want to take pictures or videos everywhere you go because everything looks like pure gold from their rich colors- just perfect aesthetically pleasing views all around. Welcome to the heart of Tuscany.

Here’s a tip for LGBT travelers: Florence is an especially welcoming city. You’ll see the pride flag flying through town, so you can feel safe and enjoy your vacation there.

Where to Stay in Florence, Italy

25HR Hotel in Florence

The 25HR hotel is a fun and trendy place to stay. The price of the rooms is reasonable, but it’s far from all tourist spots which makes getting to these tourist spots challenging at times. However, accommodations along with the price make it 100% worth it. The hotel has restaurants, a coffee shop, and everything you need all in one spot. Just a heads up, the hotel food is OK, nothing special, but the hotel itself is fabulous. They even have a live band that plays at night. So do you want the angel or the devil’s room?

What to Eat in Florence, Italy


These sandwiches are supposed to be the best in this world. They can easily grab your attention with their delicious flavors and tempting looks that just make you want one right away. You can find them in all major magazines and food network shows. There are two locations, but the main location is more popular, so your wait will be extremely long there. I suggest going to the least popular location by Michelangelo’s David Statue. We were able to just walk in and grab a sandwich, plus there is a park nearby where you can enjoy your lunch. Ps.. the bread is to die for and the price is right.

Gelateria La Carraia

Gelateria La Carraia’s gelato is so good that it will make your taste buds go wild with joy. And the line? It may be long, but don’t worry it goes by fast. You will see a lot of the locals stopping for gelato which is always a good sign. Keep in mind, if the gelato is bright something ain’t right! There should be no food coloring used if it’s made correctly.

What to Do in Florence, Italy

Michelangelo’s David Statue

Michelangelo’s David is one of the most famous sculptures in all of Italy. It can be found at Accademia Gallery (Galleria dell’Accademia) right next door to Florence’s iconic cathedral, Duomo Piazza del Duomone. The joyous beauty that radiates from this piece makes it an absolute must-see while you’re here. I’m still pinching myself because I can’t believe I actually saw this famous 14-foot-tall statue in person. This is why I love to travel! My college art appreciation teacher would be proud of me. hehe.

Tickets go fast, so don’t wait. You can purchase your ticket in 1-hour increments and they’ll sell out before you know it. I suggest buying them a month or two before your trip.

Self-Drive Vintage Fiat 500 Tour from Florence: Tuscan Wine Experience

The perfect way to explore Italy is with this amazing excursion that combines wine tasting and a Fiat 500 tour. You will depart from Florence and drive into the Tuscan hills in style as you cruise past some of Tuscany’s most beautiful vineyards. Once there, you’ll park at a historic estate that resides in one-of-a-kind architecture dating back centuries ago. It’s then time for relaxation while sampling all types of wines and being served regionally-specific dishes made fresh daily by expert chefs. What a blast! This was one of the most fun days we had in Italy. Every single time we are asked what our favorite memory of Italy was, it always turns into a conversation about this experience. This is something we will continue to talk about for the rest of our lives.

Make sure you can drive a standard car before paying for this excursion. You will be driving up and down and around hills. You must be somewhat proficient or you will end up in the backseat like us.

Florence Duomo

The heartbeat of Florence, Santa Maria del Fiore is the most visited site in this beautiful city. The cathedral has magnificent interiors and exteriors as well as a beautifully painted dome that will take your breath away! You can also climb 463 steps up to see breathtaking views not only of what’s below but what’s around too – trust us when we say there are no bad angles here!!!

I suggest extra for skip-the-line passes.

Ponte Vecchio or The Old Bridge

Well, if you are planning a trip to Florence then I would recommend that Ponte Vecchio is on your itinerary. This famous arch bridge over the Arno River has an extremely long history going back as far as the 10th century. The narrow roads of Ponte Vecchio are lined with quaint little shops, all owned by jewelers. The sidewalks are sprinkled with tourists and locals alike, as they wander the charming bridge, looking for that perfect piece or treasure hidden among these centuries-old brick structures.

Warning: I just want you to know ahead of time the jewelry is expensive. It may look like an American flea market setting, but it is NOT flea market prices.

Leather Market

It’s not just the stores that have great deals. You can find some amazing steals walking around and shopping on the street at the leather market. You can find belts, bags, scarves, t-shirts, souvenirs, and so much more. Make sure you negotiate with any vendors because they’re usually looking for an opportunity themselves. If you find the boar statue make sure you rub his nose, which will ensure you return to Florence.

There’s no doubt that Florence is a city that has it all – from incredible art and architecture to delicious food, there’s something for everyone. By following my top tips, you can be sure to make the most of your time in this beautiful city. And if you need help planning or booking your trip, Glam Escapes would be more than happy to assist. After all, we are experts in making your travel dreams a reality. Click the service tab at the top of the blog to learn more.

Must Haves: What we wore

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