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Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

Jan 31, 2021 | Texas | 0 comments

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Peace amongst the crashing waves brings tranquility to this beautiful ocean front property, located in Corpus Christi. These Lively Beach condominiums with all their amenities of home, left me wishing my vacation would never end. Located on Mustang Island, where horses used to run wild and free, seems to bring out the carefree nature that once lived inside of me.

Woman in a living room sitting on a couch drinking coffee and smiling at the camera.| Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

I have to admit having coffee in this open and bright condo had a very pleasant and relaxing affect on me. I’m not a morning person, but having coffee in such a pleasant environment can make anyone a morning person. Bring on the sunshine!

Lively Beach – Resort Condominium

138 Zahn Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

(844) 808-0297

Woman walking on a sidewalk outside a hotel.| Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas
Paradise Awaits

With COVID knocking on everyone’s door, this was a much needed escape for not only me, but one of my good friends. I personally believe a relaxing girl’s beach trip with “wine” should be on everyone’s bucket list for 2021. These mommas needed a break from our stressful lives. Cheers to a kid free trip! The sun and the sand and a drink in our hands was our only request.

Two women smiling and taking a selfie outside.| Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

I have partnered with Lively Beach for this post. The best part for me, is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog post. This is my honest opinion, with no constraints. For the record, I pick locations that I want to personally go to.

COVID-19 Warning: There is currently a statewide order in Texas, that individuals must wear a mask or face covering inside of public spaces. Children ages 10 and younger are exempt from this order. However, you are not required to wear a mask while outside or on the beach.

Lively Beach Condos

Lively Beach was recently built, and they opened in July 2020. These beautiful, spacious condos include, upscale amenities, an open concept, and massive windows in every major room. Every condo comes with modern beachy furniture and stunning views that will have you in “vacation mode” almost instantly. There are miles between you and the next hotel, which makes it feel like a secluded luxury resort.

Click below to book your condo stay. FYI the price will shock you, but in a good way! The back section of this property is under construction and it is almost complete, therefore I think these amazing prices are for a limited time. I suggest booking now before the prices go up. Use code = GLAM for my discount.

Click here to book.

Private Deck

A room with a deck is a must for a relaxing trip. This is where we spent a majority of our time. We enjoyed kicking back to 90’s themed music, while we relished in all the South Texas gulf coast waves and breeze. I think I just gave away my age. Did I just say 90’s music? Hehe.

Woman smiling and drinking a cup of wine on an outdoor patio.| Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

What you need to know:

Each condo comes with all the necessary items, such as: a coffee maker, coffee, coffee mixers, water, bath towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and beach towels. Plus, if you want to cut back on eating out, the kitchens come with everything you need to make a complete home cooked meal. Jackpot! A short run to the grocery store could save you on this vacation.

Mini fridge filled with sparkling water and bottled water.| Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas
Wicker basket with beach towels rolled up inside.| Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

Washer and dryers are not included. However, the condominium does offer on-site washer and dryers that accept coins.

Check-in time 4:00pm

Check-out time is 10:00am

Each door has its own keypad and the code is emailed before check-in time. This is perfect for anyone looking for contactless check-in or for people just not in the mood to socialize.

Each room is cleaned and sanitized between each stay, but not during your stay.

Most importantly dogs ARE allowed.

Gathering Places

Lively Beach comes with two roof top decks with fantastic views that allow you to see for miles. The deck is equipped with multiple grills, a bar, and plenty of setting. This is the perfect spot to chill and social distance when you are tired of the water. We felt blessed to have the roof top deck all to ourselves.

Also, there is a huge resort style heated pool. Sadly, during our stay it was a little too chilly to swim due to one of the pool heaters being down. Otherwise, we would have spent most of our evening just hanging out in the pool.

Outdoor pool lit up at night with a blue light. | Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas
Private Beach Access

Lively Beach has its own private beach access to the soft sand beach and crystal blue water on Mustang Island. No need to worry about getting in your car, or getting it dirty. The beach is just a short walk over the dock. This is why you are in Corpus Christi right? The beaches are some of the Best in Texas.

Woman walking on a boardwalk towards the beach. | Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

There are lots of trinkets for the collectors, such as seashells and starfish. We came across so many treasures as we walked up and down the beach. It was nice having no boss, no clock, no stress, and no shoes.

Collection of seashells laid out to dry on a towel. | Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

We even came across a few dead Jellyfish that had washed upon shore. It was my first time to see one up close and personal. I was thrilled to see the Jellyfish, while my friend was overloaded with excitement at finding so many seashells.

Large jellyfish in the water. | Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

Of course, if your husband stays home with the kids, be sure and send him a thank you note. I did! I had to let him know I was thinking about him.

Love note drawn in the sand saying Misty and Brett with a heart. | Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

Vehicles are allowed on the beach.

Where to eat:

At the end of this blog post you will find a link to my Corpus Christi blog. I listed several of my favorite restaurants in Corpus. However, if you are going to go out during your stay, then Padre Island Burger Company is the place to eat.

Padre Island Burger Company

This restaurant is located just down the street. I was not going to include them in my post, but I felt like I would be doing my readers an injustice. My friend and I agree, these were by far the best burgers we had ever had. Am I exaggerating….uh no! Try it for yourself! Yum good!

Platter of lunch food including french fries and a burger. | Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas
A picture of a cut burger with the caption: "This is the best burger I've ever ate! The Dr. Padre burger." | Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas
Instagram Spot

Just a short car ride from the condo, you will come across the Ocean Treasures Sandcastle which makes for a super cool Instagram spot.

Ocean Treasures Sandcastle

14049 S Padre Island Drive

Large elaborate sandcastle with dolphins and a mermaid. | Lively Beach in Corpus Christi, Texas

We spent a majority of our time at Lively Beach; It’s a beautiful property with so much to do that you will have hard time wanting to leave. However, if you are wanting to explore Corpus Christi click here to read my blog post.

When you are ready to get some rest and enjoy the calming ocean sounds in the background, come to Lively Beach. Make arrangements now. What is your excuse? Everyone needs some much needed “me time” especially after all the craziness of 2020.

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