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Majestic Resorts Punta Cana; My Review

Mar 9, 2023 | Dominic Republic | 0 comments

As moms, we all need a break from time to time. Whether it’s from reading a book in the bathtub, doing a Netflix & Chill night with your honey, or simply taking some much-needed “me-time,” we all deserve it! Recently I had the privilege of visiting Majestic Resort Punta Cana, and let me tell you—it was THE perfect place for a mom to get away. From sipping on beachside margaritas (#momjuice) to six unique restaurants to experience, there was no shortage of decadent treats that made this trip a truly memorable one. Did I mention it’s all-inclusive?

I have partnered with Majestic Resorts for this post. The best part for me is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog post. This is my honest opinion, with no constraints. For the record, I pick locations that I want to personally go to.

Dominic Republic Entry Requirements

All international travelers entering or leaving the Dominican Republic must fill out a free electronic “entry and exit” form in order to board the plane. This unique three-in-one document combines an affidavit concerning your health, a customs declaration, and other important information regarding your embarkation/disembarkation process.

To make it easy for everyone to access this vital form regardless of language proficiency, it is available in English, as well as, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian at

If you google it, you could land on a scam website, therefore, be very careful. As I said, it’s free, so if a website wants you to pay, then you are on the wrong site. I suggest using the link that the airline will send you.




USD currency is accepted.

Majestic Resorts offers 3 unique resorts that are seamlessly linked.

Find out which one is right for you by reading below:

Colonial- Lowest Level (Kid-Friendly)

Allowing kids to come for a discounted rate, this resort is an ideal place for families looking for adventure. An unforgettable getaway awaits where your children can explore and have fun – while the other two resorts are off-limits for some ages.

I personally enjoyed this level and the pictures online do not do it justice. It really is a beautiful resort.

*The Colonial Club is adult-only. Butler service is included.

Elegance- Mid Level (Kids are Allowed)

This luxurious resort offers adult rates only, giving you the chance to enjoy fewer kids in paradise. However, the club level does not allow kids. You can enjoy this resort or you can head over to Colonial for a day in the sun.

*Butler service is included with your stay.

Mirage- Luxury Level (Adult Only)

Escape to paradise and experience the highest level of luxury with Mirage – an exclusive, adult-only oasis at Majestic Resorts. With full access to all 3 resorts, you’ll be able to create your perfect getaway. This was my absolute favorite level because, well, I felt like a queen! After spending just one vacation at this resort, it’s going to be nearly impossible to ever settle for anything less.

*Butler service is included with your stay.

Butler Service

With a simple tap of your smartphone, you have access to the butler who services 10-15 rooms – all available through an effortless WhatsApp connection. Make managing chores, getting drinks, and errands easier with this modern convenience. I personally love this service and I enjoyed using the butler every day. You will have the same butler during your entire stay unless he/she has the day off.

I suggest you tip between $10 to $20 a day based on how often you use the service for that day.

Bottle Service

Club and Luxury Levels get one bottle of liquor a day. The butler will give you a list after you check-in. Just select the bottle you want for the day and your butler will bring it.

Food at Majestic Hotel

It’s an all-inclusive resort, so you have unlimited access to food, soda, water, wine, liquor, and beer.

When it comes to cuisine, the Majestic Resort falls short of expectations – its food is far from majestic. It looks way better than it tastes, but I found this to be typical for all-inclusive resorts. Expect the worst and pray for the best.

*Japanese hibachi and French restaurants require a reservation in advance.

Drinks at Majestic

Knowing that Majestic doesn’t mess around when it comes to drinks, I was definitely expecting something special… and boy did I get a surprise. Let’s just say their beverages are strong enough for even the toughest of taste buds – deliciously delicious! I personally loved all their specialty drinks. Yum!

Beach at Majestic

The December day at Majestic Beach was a pleasant surprise. The warm waters were still and inviting, providing an unexpected summer-day escape in the heart of winter. Beaches are at their calmest from February-August in Punta Cana.

Beach-goers can find free cabanas and chairs at both the beach and pool, but an unfortunate side effect is that some people tend to ‘reserve the cabanas’ by leaving their items there overnight. This causes difficulty for others wanting a relaxing day in the shade as they may not be able to access these spots. Usually, when cabanas are ‘first come, first serve’ personal items will be trashed if left overnight. However, that is not the case at this resort. There is nothing more frustrating than being the first to the beach and all the “reserved by clothes” cabanas are empty for hours.

No Timeshare on Property

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than having to listen to incessant sales pitches. With no timeshare on the property, you’ll be able to relax in peace and enjoy your much-deserved getaway. This was a huge bonus for me.

Crowds at Majestic Resorts

Traveling off-season can be a great way to experience an amazing vacation without the hustle and bustle of peak tourist season. For those looking for extra peace, May through October is ideal since crowds tend to thin out during this time. However, I was there during peak time AND at full capacity, yet the resort never felt crowded.

Spa & Wellness

Experience ultimate relaxation and pampering at this exceptional spa. Relax in their humid area with 8 invigorating showers, including ice to wake you up, tropical for a refreshing burst of energy, Swedish for deep muscle relief, and aromatic to calm your senses. Enjoy the sauna or Turkish baths before soaking away your worries in an expansive jacuzzi boasting both hot and cold areas – even try out a unique saltwater bath. All you have to do is book a massage and the humid area is all yours for the next few hours. I can’t wait to go back and do this again! The humid area makes this one of my favorite spas.

Sports Bar

Get your sports fix at the sports bar, where you can find every major game – from soccer to hockey, baseball, and football. Whether you’re cheering on your team or just enjoying some snacks with friends, it’s a great place for an afternoon of fun after being at the beach all day.


Instead of dinner and a movie, why not try dinner followed by some fun at the casino? I may have been unlucky, but you could be in for a real surprise if Lady Luck is on your side. All three resorts share this casino at Colonial.


The Majestic resort offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy all of your favorite national holidays, whether you’re from the United States or Canada. Relax and indulge yourself when America’s independence is celebrated in July or Christmas in December.

Seaweed in Punta Cana

During the months of February to April, Punta Cana is inundated with issues related to an abundance of seaweed washing ashore. If you love the beach I would avoid coming during those months. Other than those months, the beach is the perfect color blue.

In conclusion, taking time for yourself as a mom is non-negotiable. Life should be filled with moments that bring joy, peace, and warmth—so why not escape to the Majestic Resort Punta Cana (and bring your honey too)? From luxury beachfront suites to delicious dining experiences and top-notch customer service, this resort is the ideal spot to get away for a few days and indulge. And if you’re feeling truly bold, book a spa day in between adventures and treat yourself even more! Of course, don’t forget the most important part: have a margarita or mojito (or both!) on the beach as I did. You deserve it! Don’t wait any longer – let Glam Escapes your next trip today! Who’s ready for some rest & relaxation? Click here to learn more.

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