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My Review of Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Studios Orlando

Aug 20, 2022 | Florida | 0 comments

If you’re a mom planning on vacationing in Orlando, chances are you’re considering a stay at the Hard Rock Hotel. With its central location and amazing amenities, the Hard Rock is one of the most popular hotels for visitors to Universal Studios. But what can you expect if you stay there? Is it worth the price? In this post, we’ll take a look at all that the Hard Rock has to offer guests and help you decide whether or not it’s the right choice for your family. So read on to find out more! Here is my review of the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando.

Located in: Universal Studios Orlando

Address: 5800 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Phone: 407-503-2000

Live like a Rock Star at Hard Rock Hotel- My Review of Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando

Let me start by saying, I highly recommend staying at this on-site hotel and it is by far worth the cost. You’ll feel like you are living the lifestyle of a rock legend when staying at this hotel. Not only do they have an impeccable restaurant and bar, but their pools feature live music which will make any round of drinks sound better!

The Hard Rock Hotel is the perfect place for you to live like a rock star. With an exciting atmosphere and world-class amenities, this hotel will not disappoint! It is by far the coolest hotel at Universal Studios.

Rock Star Rooms in Orlando

Watch this video to get an inside look at their luxurious yet hip rooms!

Comes with:

Complementary WIFI

In-room Safe

Coffee Maker and Coffee

Refreshment Pantry


Check-In at Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando

You can check in at 4 pm and out by 11 am. You have the option of checking yourself off with television, phone, or express checkout from indoors in their lobby.

Why not ask if the room is available? You’ll be surprised at how often they say yes. We showed up at 6:30 am to drop off our bags with the concierge service. We planned to head straight to the park after dropping off those bags. However, to our surprise the room was available, therefore, we were able to leave our bags in our room. Sometimes you will luck out! It never hurts to ask if your room is available before check-in time.

Free Skip-the-Line Passes for Universal Studios

Stay at Hard Rock Hotel and receive free Universal Express Unlimited passes to skip the regular lines at participating rides, attractions, & restaurants! Your room key is also your key to skipping the line. Skipping the lines is a must, and honestly, I will stay at this hotel just for the free Universal Express Unlimited passes alone. Unlike the Disney Genie passes, this pass is 100% worth the money. Click here for more information.

Early Park Entry with Stay at Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando

Early Park Admission lets you enter the park an hour before everyone else so that you can ride some of your favorite rides before the park opens! You will beat the lines!

Free Transportation to the Parks

Water taxis and walking paths connect this premier resort hotel to Universal Studios, Island of Adventures, and CityWalk. You can get around easily with complimentary water taxis! What’s more, is that if you’re staying at Hard Rock Hotel there are no additional transportation costs – just arrivals!

The best part is you get your own entrance and security checkpoint. No long lines! To be honest, we never saw any lines at this entrance. The entrance is about a 10-minute walk from the hotel. There was always a wait for the water taxis so we always opt for the short walk.

Have your shopping bags delivered to your room

Why waste time carrying your purchases around when you can have them delivered right to the hotel? Just let their cashier know you want your bags delivered to the hotel and they will take care of everything. When you arrive at your room the bags will be on your bed.

Swimming Pool

The 12,000 square-foot swimming pool features underwater sound systems pumped out by popular artists such as Ringo Starr or Johnny Cash. How cool is that? Also, the drinks are strong which is a huge bonus. Along, with the fact, they have a live band or DJ playing beats outside. I believe you should plan to spend time, at least one day, at the pool. The best part is the pool never seems to get too crowded. My biggest pet peeve is a crowded pool.

Sadly, our pool day ended with drinks under a cover space, but luckily for us, the band continued playing even while it was raining.

Shopping at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando

The Hard Rock has everything you need to get your rock and roll on. But the store also carries really cute clothes, so there’s no reason not to stop in.

I bought this cute sweater at the store. If you notice the price tag is still hanging off of it. Yes, I went the entire day like that. I blame those darn drinks at the pool. Rock on! lol


The hotel is so nice! They give you coupons for free stuff while checking in. Make sure to grab them because free is free.

Breakfast Buffet at the Hard Rock

The price of the breakfast buffet can be quite pricey, but it is worth every penny. No! Is it good? Yes. Would I do it again? No. I do like that they have omelets and pancake bars. However, it is 100% not worth the price tag.

Celebrity Outfits at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando

As you walk around the hotel, your eyes will feast on beautiful outfits worn by some of today’s most famous stars. You might even find some that are your favorites.

Self Parking

The hotel offers overnight parking for guests, and it’s only $28 per night! Valet parking is also there with an extra charge of 37 bucks. If you’re looking to save some money on transportation, then I suggest taking an Uber from the hotel or their shuttle for around $49.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a luxurious and centrally-located hotel to stay at during your next trip to Universal Studios, the Hard Rock Hotel is definitely worth considering. With its amazing amenities and prime location, you can’t go wrong with this world-class resort. So don’t wait any longer – book your stay at the Hard Rock today! Thank you for reading my review of the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando.

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Click here to learn more about the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando.


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