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Secrets St. James Montego Bay Resort: my review of this Adult Only Resort

Nov 26, 2021 | Caribbean | 10 comments

The tropics are calling your name and now you have to answer the call. Do not fret, because St. James Montego Bay Resort is just waiting for someone like you! St. James Montego Bay Resort in Jamaica has white sand beaches, turquoise seas, and breathtaking views of natural scenery. Here is everything you need to know before you book your ticket to Secrets St. James!

I’m writing this blog post from a luxurious, adult only, all-inclusive resort, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It’s my second day here and I’m already starting to feel extremely relaxed. I’ve spent hours at the breathtaking beach and I’ve had several drinks at the pool. There’s even a spa on site, which means that I can get pampered without leaving the property! However, if you’re looking for more adventure, there are plenty of free things to do nearby such as, kayaking, paddle boarding, and…the list goes on and on! I’lltalk more about that in a minute.

Two Connected Properties

Secrets St. James, offers visitors a more peaceful and relaxing retreat, while Secrets Wild Orchid is the place for those looking to party. Guests of either resort have “free flow” access that allows them do explore both properties at will! Both share the same restaurants and shopping centers. For the record, I did not see a difference between the Wild Orchid side verses the St James side. We spent most of our times at both pools and both were equally beautiful. I did notice the crowds at both resorts seem to be around 50 plus. I do believe these resorts are geared towards older couples who are expecting a relaxing vacation. This is 100% my perception, and as a travel agency owner I will let my clients know my perception. Not everyone wants to hang out with the young party crowd and vice-versa.


The rooms are exactly what you would want in such an upscale establishment. They are spacious yet cozy, with all sorts of modern amenities for guest convenience; including complimentary WIFI, which works best in your room. Sadly, the WIFI can be spotty throughout the resort. However, on a brighter note, there isn’t anything more relaxing than sitting on those balcony chairs, while sipping some coffee in the morning; enjoying amazing views of the emerald green water. You can’t help but feel like a king or queen after taking luxurious bubble baths with views of the ocean. I thought the rooms were stunning. Check out my video.

Look at this view from my room!

Most importantly, the rooms come with a fully stocked fridge, coffee maker with coffee/tea supplies, and steamer for clothes (jack pot). Unfortunately, the room did not come with robes, which is strange considering the resort is considered a “luxury resort”. However, I was pleasantly surprised that the room was cleaned everyday, which is extremely rare post-COVID, because it seems like most resorts are trying to save money by eliminating daily house cleaning. Boo!


The beaches at this resort in Jamaica are stunning! I love how calm the clear water is along with all of the amazing views of the mountains! The hostess will continue to provide you with free drinks, so don’t forget to sit back and enjoy them! Also, on a rainy day, you will see clear jelly fish swimming around. but do not fear! Those Jellyfish do not sting. We even saw the life guard pick up a jellyfish to prove to us it was 100% safe. On a side note, the benches on the beach are not as comfortable as the ones at the pool. If you are looking for comfort, I suggest relaxing on a pool bench at one of the two pools on property. This is the perfect spot to enjoy the music and fun atmosphere. Do not worry, it never gets too wild or crazy.

Cheer to a relaxing girls’ trip!


The food is included, hence “all-inclusive” resort. The two resorts share the same restaurants and they have several resturants to select from, such as: Seaside Grill (by the pool), Bordeaux (French), Blue Mountain (Jamaican), El Patio (Mexican), Portofino (Italian), and World Cafe (buffet). There is one restaurant that requires a reservation in advance, which is the Himitsu (Asian). Sadly, we tried every restaurant and I starved most of the vacation. I spoke with several friends on the vacation and they LOVED the food. I wouldn’t say my standards are super high, but I prefer savory food. I couldn’t find one restaurant or one good “go to item” on the trip. I was told maybe the food was bad because it’s in Jamaica. Nope, I’ve been to Jamaica and the food has always been excellent. As far as “dress code” we wore shorts and flip flops almost every night. Most all-inclusives are extremely picky with their dinner dress code, but we never had that issue at this resort. For those of you who do not want to dress up for dinner every night while on vacation, this spot is for you.

Chicken Cordon Blu was extremely dry and flavorless.
This was cut up hamburger tomatoes with thin slice of cheese on top.
A lot, of people loved the Mexican food restaurant. It was one of the most popular. However, I’m going to let you know I’m from Texas so……I’m extremely picky.


There are several free activities the resort offers, such as: guided snorkeling, stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and wind surfing. There are on-site activities that cost a small fee, such as: parasailing, tubing, knee boarding, waterskiing, banana boating, glass bottom boats, snorkeling trips, bottom fishing, and deep-sea fishing. I was disappointed, because several of the items listed above are complimentary at most comparable resorts. The evening activities have a laid-back piano bar feel.

Coffee with liquor!

This was one of my favorite spots and the coffee is free. This is literally a coffee bar! Yummy!

Entry & Return Requirements

All you need is an Antigen Test ($50) 3 days from date of travel and to complete a Travel Authorization ($0) at It’s that simple and no vaccine is required. You must have a PCR test completed before returning to the USA. However, this resort has a Covid testing center onsite and results are back within a hour. “If there’s a will, there’s a wave”.

It is time to relax in the sunshine! Secrets St. James Resort offers all of that and more with its pristine beachfront location, nice amenities, and endless opportunities for relaxation. Escape your busy life at work or home by booking a trip to a resort today! Let Glam Escapes Travel Agency book it for you so you can sit back knowing everything has been taken care of from start to finish. You and your friends deserve some me-time after all!


  1. Candice N Mack

    Next time try breathless. I just came back from there and of course we had access to secrets wOB and St James. Your review is somewhat accurate but somethings I would disagree with but depends on the quality of traveler you are. I too own a travel agency so we have somethings in common. Sounds like you had a decent time but next time eat more rice and peas and jerk chicken.


      Wow, it is a small world! I hope you had fantastic time! I was thinking about walking over to Breathless but I just never got around to it. Yes, I love to eat jerk chicken and rice with beans while in Jamaica. However, I have to admit I am extremely picky when it comes to jerk chicken. You said you disagree with me on few things. I would love to hear your input.

      • Davian

        I have been to both secrets and breathless the only thing nicer at breathless is the room and the veiw…I went secrets 3 times in a month. And am living in montego bay

  2. Rachel Miller

    Ehh i mean, other than you being picky with the food, seems like you had fun still. I usually tell people that not all jamaican hotel CHEFS or restuarant chefs COOKs the SAME,you could go down the street to another hotel that has SIMILAR food menu and the food is good,ehh just Keep explore the island MORE,local street vendor food are one of the best in jamaica,the spice might knock you out lol,but really good. Jamaicans like to throw alot of spice in their native staple FOOD.

  3. Cheryl Espinoza

    I just came back from there and I stayed at Seawind on the Bay. I go twice a year and have been to Jamaica 16 times. And when she says stunnig VIEWS she is correct. The food is Americanized so if you want the cultural experience you would have to venture out. My DRIver/ friend ox +18764532312 can take you anywhere you want to go for the full jamacan experience

    • Zakwa Morris

      I just came from Jamaica a week ago With 12 friends to celebrate my Birthday we stayed in breathless, what a mistake. All the happenings were at wild orchard. The club, the ocean, the jerk Chicken carts, at night they had entertainment and goods for sale. The restaurants blew breathless away. If I ever return to Jamaica I will definitely be staying at st james or wild orchard.

      • Zanil

        Thanks you for this REVIEW, I love it, I am from Port Antonio portland Jamaica to be exact. And I didn’t even knw that there’s such a place like this in montego bay.

        What’s the cost per night??


        Hopefully Whenever I got the chance to visit, luckily I may get to meet you 😊

        AGAIN THANK you

  4. Dottie

    We always stay at riu negril and love it except no night entertainment. I want to try other resorts but not into rocky beaches at all.our tour guide is awesome email him.tell him dottie angela and brenda sent you he will make it extra special we were picky and he pleased us all

    • Jodie

      We stayed at Excellence Oyster Bay and it was nothing shy of amazing. The food was outstanding. The staff was wonderful and the entairnment was top notch. We will be going back next year!!

  5. DAVE

    Unless it’s CHANGED dramatically in the last couple years, wild Orchid is the premier property!! St. James is the little brother that Orchid can visit any time but st James needs an exclusive pass to get in to Orchid. The cost of the two reflects these amenities. Class of the field stays at Orchid. I assume the ladies in this article are travel agents luring you in to a false booking. 🤔


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