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Staying at Curry Village Yosemite in a Canvas Tent

Jan 15, 2023 | California | 0 comments

You’ve heard about the breathtaking beauty of Yosemite National Park, but have you heard about all that Curry Village has to offer? It’s a great spot for outdoor recreation, relaxation, and exploration. Located right in the center of Yosemite Valley, Curry Village is an easy walking distance from many attractions — including stunning rock formations like Half Dome and world-famous waterfalls like Bridalveil Fall — making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. In this post, we will explore all there is to do at Curry Village, giving you an insider’s guide on how to get the most out of your visit!

Picture this– you awaken from a peaceful slumber, slide out of your tent, and are greeted by the majestic peaks that encircle you in Curry Village. Imagine enjoying these unique and beautiful views while sipping your morning cup of coffee. It will literally take your breath away. It is 100% an experience I will never regret or forget. Many people call this “glamping” I believe it’s just one tiny small step above camping. Yes, I have gone glamping many times. I have to be honest Curry Village is a one-and-done experience for me. I will talk more about this later. Please read this blog post very carefully because I’m going to tell you important information that is hard to find.

(You will see some negative comments. I just want to be clear that I am honest in my blog post. I had a blast and as I said above, I have zero regrets)

Tent Prices at Curry Village

With prices ranging from $155 to an affordable $255 a night, these tents offer some of the most cost-effective experiences available at Yosemite Park. Click here to book.

Airports near Yosemite Park

Here are the closet cities:

  • 78 miles to Fresno, CA.
  • 79 miles to Modesto, CA.
  • 94 miles to Stockton, CA.
  • 116 miles to Sacramento, CA.
  • 117 miles to Reno, NV.
  • 131 miles to San Jose, CA.
  • 133 miles to Fremont, CA.
  • 147 miles to Oakland, CA.

We were so excited to visit Yosemite Park that we didn’t hesitate to book our flight with Southwest Airlines. After landing at San Francisco Airport, it was only a four-hour drive away before we could start exploring America’s first National Park. The last two hours of the drive are absolutely stunning. We personally wanted to spend a few days in San Franciso before jetting off to Yosemite Park, so for us this was the best option.

My blog post on San Francisco is coming soon.

Tents at Curry Village at Yosemite

Ready for an adventure, but don’t want to 100% rough it? Their tent cabins are perfect! Note, I did not say you would not be roughing it. These tents feature a wooden floor, frame, and door, and are covered in a thin canvas. They come with a variety of bedding configurations including one double or two twin beds; all with linens & towels provided. Explore nature’s beauty without the hassle – each cabin sleeps 2-4 guests, so bring your family along too! Even better news: no need to lug around extra gear as there are communal showers/bathhouses just steps away, even boasting electrical outlets. Don’t forget to note preference at booking if you’d like 1 double bed over other options available. The tents do not come with AC and only a select few come with heaters and electrical outlets. However, they do come with decent lighting. Ours did not come with heaters or electrical outlets, so we had to request extra covers to keep us from freezing in October when it dropped down to the ’30s at night. To be on the safe side, bring a power pack so you can charge your phone. However, daily housekeeping is included, which is a nice bonus.

If peace and quiet are what you need for a good night’s sleep, camping in these tents may not be the best option. Though thin canvas easily creates an outdoor atmosphere of tranquility that allows one to connect with nature, it also makes loud snoring from nearby tents audible – as was experienced by us when our gassy neighbor relieved himself in his tent all night long. It made for a few interesting nights. I suggest bringing earplugs. The good news is there is a sound curfew from 10 pm-6 am which everyone respects. If you brought alcoholic drinks like we did be prepared to drink in silence.

Bears Lockers at Curry Village

One thing you must keep in mind – is the bears. For your safety and theirs, all food items and toiletries are required to be stored securely away in their provided lockers outside of your tent. Free locks are provided for extra security. Please make sure your cooler can fit in the locker before you bring it. YOU ARE NOT allowed to keep these items in your car. During our cold stay, the locker was like a fridge that kept all of our items perfectly chilled so there was no need for a cooler. Also, if you are nervous about bears I suggest bringing bear spray, but I highly doubt you will come across one.

Lockbox in Tent

The tents come equipped with a convenient lockbox, requiring only a code to open. Rest assured that your valuables are safe while you’re off conquering the trails during the day.

Parking at Curry Village

For a change of pace, I’m thrilled to announce that parking is free. Normally when traveling it feels like my wallet takes the biggest hit from paying for parking, but thankfully this time around there’s no cost.

Communal showers/bathhouses at Curry Village

Camping can be a great way to get away from the hustle of everyday life, but does that mean sacrificing all modern amenities? What happens when nature calls in the middle of the night and you’re faced with having to brave chilly temperatures just for a brief restroom break or shower visit? Going from the privacy of my own restroom and shower to sharing communal facilities was one of the toughest adjustments I had to make. After all, nothing beats having those luxuries right in your room. Although it can be tough, learning how to share is an important life lesson that comes with its own rewards. My life lesson was I will not be doing this again anytime soon and that I need to appreciate having my own restroom at home! Using my own restroom is a luxury that I have taken for granted over the years.

Heads Up: No one likes waiting in line, especially after a long day of hiking. To avoid the rush-hour showers and ensure you have everything you need for getting squeaky clean, head to the communal sprays before 5 pm – the showers come with complimentary shampoo and conditioner. If you go after 5 pm be prepared to wait in line. On a side note, the restrooms and showers are well-maintained.

To ensure a secure and private experience for all, guests are provided with a code to gain entry into the communal restroom and showers – only those who have been granted access can enjoy its amenities.

Internet at Curry Village in Yosemite

Camping is the perfect opportunity to take a break from technology and immerse yourself in nature – disconnecting fully can be incredibly refreshing. Within my tent, I was able to make calls if necessary, but there’s undeniable freedom that comes with letting go of the internet for a few days.

If you’re in need of a web connection, Curry Village Lounge is your only option – just don’t expect much from the slow speed. So will you have access to the internet? I think you should expect the worst, but hope for the best.

Coffee Corner at Curry Village

If you’re looking for a place to charge your phone and get an energizing cup of coffee, the campground’s Coffee Corner is just the spot. The tents do not come with a coffee maker, but don’t worry – just bring instant and ask for hot water at the corner and buy one of their breakfast sandwiches. Enjoy all that caffeine while charging up with no worries. If you love a cup of fancy coffee, you will not be deprived while camping here.

Food at Curry Village

Curry Village Pavilion

Curry Village Pavillon is the perfect place to start your day with a delicious and generous breakfast that’s more than enough for two. My friend and I shared our breakfast every morning. Somehow my husband was able to eat his entire meal. These cafeteria-style meals provide consistency, with the same dishes served day in and day out. However, you can always customize your meal by adding extra items to make it unique. This is what the standard meal looks like.

At Curry Village Pavilion, dinner was closed every day – literally. Dinners there were reserved exclusively for the special group of students on their school trip.

Curry Village Pizza & Bar

This is where we had dinner night after night – despite the occasional mishap with the burnt pizza. Unfortunately, getting healthy items was a bit of an uphill battle as kale salad seemed to be their only nutritious option. The other items on the menu were really good or we could have just been starving from hiking all day. Also, the lines can get long be prepared to wait.

Ahwahnee Dining Room

This restaurant is known for its amazing steaks, but requires reservations to be made far in advance and has a strict dress code. Sadly we were not able to experience it ourselves because we were not able to get last minute reservation.

Grocery Store at Curry Village

If you’re visiting Curry Village and realize you forgot something for your meal, don’t fret. The store offers a wide variety of helpful ingredients like cooking items, snacks, beer, and wine. No need to worry about forgetting something; they got you covered.

Stores at Curry Village

If you’re after the perfect memento to remember your trip or some suitable attire for taking on a hike, there’s no need to go anywhere else – they have it all!

Activities at Curry Village at Yosemite

A Yosemite Park blog post is coming soon.

Shuttle Busses at Curry Village

The park makes it easy to explore the incredible wonders of Yosemite with free shuttle buses. These convenient transportation options will drop you right at all those beautiful hiking trails. There is no need for a car while at Curry Village.

Safety at Curry Village

While camping in Curry Village, I never had a moment of worry about my safety; I felt perfectly secure walking around at night and leaving all our belongings unattended.

What to pack for Curry Village

Battery Pack

Hiking Boots

Hiking Socks

Hiking Clothes


Robe (for your trek to the showers)



Instant Coffee

Beer or Wine

(You read some negative comments. I just want to be clear that I am always honest in my blog post. I had a blast and I have zero regrets. It was a once and lifetime experience and I am happy I did it.)

That’s all for my insider’s guide to Curry Village! I hope you enjoyed reading and that you now feel confident planning your own visit. Whether you’re looking to relax or explore, there’s something for everyone at this beautiful Yosemite destination. Ready to start planning your trip? Let Glam Escapes take care of everything so you can just sit back and enjoy — we guarantee you won’t be disappointed! Click here to learn more.

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