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The best places to travel in South Africa if you’re a woman

Jun 4, 2022 | Africa | 0 comments

South Africa is a beautiful country with plenty to offer tourists. Whether you’re looking for stunning landscapes, amazing wildlife, or vibrant cities, you’ll find what you’re looking for in South Africa. If you’re a woman traveling solo or with friends, there are a few places that are especially worth checking out. Here are some of the best places to travel in South Africa if you’re female.

My trip was booked through TBA Escapes which is an all-female travel tour company for adventurous women. Book your own trip or better yet have someone else do it for you! Click on the link for more details.

As a female traveler here is what you need to know about South Africa travel.

Do they speak English?

The main language spoken in all major cities is English. However, 11 languages are spoken throughout the country.

Is it safe?

I think you should travel in groups or with another female. I also think it’s important to really know the area before traveling solo. One of the ladies on our trip had a close call at the beach while she was solo. Just be smart and be careful.

What are the seasonal months in South Africa?

Summer: December- March

Fall: April- May

Winter: June- August

Spring: September- November

Day 1 of South Africa Travel

African Penguins at Boulders Beach

This is your chance to see African Penguins in their natural habitat and it is an experience like no other. If you want to see the most penguins, head out during summer. However, they are present year-round and can be seen at different times of day depending on their schedule! Between September and October, birds spend much of their day feeding out at sea so there are fewer around. For an experience like no other, go early in January during molting season, as these juvenile visitors come right up onto shorelines, which is perfect for someone who wants an up-close personal picture with the penguins. I was there the first week of February.

The penguins are wild animals, so be careful not to get close. They can and will bite!

St James Huts

The beautiful and vibrant colors of the Muizenberg beach huts make them an Instagrammer’s delight. They provide a perfect backdrop for film shoots or commercial ads, making it easy to get that “perfect shot.” The abandoned huts are in desperate need of repair. However, I think that is what gives these huts that coastal fun charm. Just be careful when taking a picture.

Also, keep in mind, the water in South Africa is freezing! But if you go to the tidal pool behind these huts, calm and warmer waters await.

Lunch at Sirocco Kalk Bay

The perfect lunch break is just a few minutes away! Stop by this amazing pizza restaurant for some delicious slices. After lunch, head to Kalk Bay Village for some retail therapy. You will love the shopping almost as much as you will love the pizza.

Day 2 of South Africa Travel

Bo Kaap Neighborhood

Explore the colorful history of Bo Kaap and enjoy engaging in local cuisine. When taking pictures, be respectful of the space and its residents. These are peoples’ homes – keep that in mind when you’re on their property!

Try a famous sweet treat while you are there called a Koeksisters. It was not my favorite sweet treat, but I think everyone should give it a try. The idea of trying something new is always worth it!

Helicopter Flight over Cape Town

Take a scenic helicopter flight over the Cape Town coast. The scenic views are something that you will never forget. The ride can be bumpy, but the view is worth it! This can be canceled if it’s windy, so keep that in mind before you book!

Last but not least, remember that white clothing is never a good choice for helicopter rides. This can cause reflections on the windows and make it hard to see outside since your bird’s-eye view will be obstructed by these things! It’s always best practice to wear dark clothing.

Dinner at Tiger’s Milk Kitchen Bar

The atmosphere is stunning and the food is delish. Check here to see their website and menu. The food looks delicious online, and it turned out to be even better than I could have imagined.

Day 3 of South Africa Travel

Sunrise Kayaking

How would you like to tour the Cape Town coastline in a kayak? The 2-hour Kayaking Tour allows guests of all levels an opportunity to see breathtaking views, such as Table Mountain, Lions Head, and more while on their journey. You may even come across dolphins or seals. We had a playful seal that joined us on our trip.

Oranjezicht Market

Visit the local markets! Spend your morning exploring Oranjezicht market, shopping for delicious treats, and drinking fresh fruit juice. I suggest doing this in the morning or evening before it gets too hot outside!

Table Mountain

High above the city of Cape Town stands one of Africa’s most iconic mountains, Table Mountain. The views are breathtaking and it should be on everyone’s Cape Town bucket list. You can hike to the top or take the cableway. Keep in mind, the cableway will be closed if it’s a windy day.

Dinner at Grand Pavilion in South Africa

You can’t beat the view of beautiful water, delicious sushi, pasta, and seafood. If you’re looking for an amazing meal that will leave your taste buds satisfied and happy, then this is the place to go. The food here tastes just as good if not better than it looks on Instagram!

South Africa is an amazing country with so much to offer tourists, especially female travelers. Whether you are looking for an adventure or a relaxing getaway, there is something for everyone in South Africa. I hope my blog post has inspired you to plan your next trip and experience all that this beautiful country has to offer. Thanks for reading!

Learn more about Glam Escapes.


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