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The Best Things to Do in New Orleans, According to Us

Sep 1, 2022 | Louisiana | 1 comment

There’s no place like New Orleans aka the Big Easy. The city is known for its rich culture and history, passionate locals, amazing food, and of course, its unique jazz scene. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a local who’s looking to explore new corners of the city, this list is for you. Here are our favorite things to do in New Orleans, based on our own personal experiences.

Turning the BIG 50 in New Orleans

The celebration of Melanie’s (she’s the one below in red) 50th birthday was a blast! We were so excited to spend the weekend in New Orleans and we didn’t want it to go by so fast. However, time flies when you are having fun.

We had such a great time in New Orleans and these are our favorite activities. There’s so much to do, but here is what we recommend for your trip!

Have drinks at the Carousel Bar & Lounge

This is one of my absolute favorite things to do in New Orleans. It is the only carousel that you have to be 21 and up to ride. If you want a spot at the carousel, I suggest you get there right when it opens at 11am, otherwise if you wait later in the day it will be almost impossible to find a spot at the bar.

Carousel Bar & Lounge is a New Orleans hotspot that has been making guests spin for decades. The hotel bar’s is the only revolving part of the establishment. It lures people in with its 25 seat, bright and curious Merry Go Round carousal, while offering them cocktails from across bar, plus plenty of other tempting options from their extensive menu. The drinks here are so good, you’ll want to take a drink with every circle around. Click here for more information.

Enjoy a New Orleans Beignet

While you are in New Orleans, you must try a beignet from Café Du Monde or Café Beignet. This is a sweet treat that is enjoyed around the world. This centuries old French custom has been perfected in America’s most famous cajun city of NOLA! A tip toe into one of these cafes will give you an authentic experience, as they are always bustling with locals eating their delicious pastries that are loaded up with freshly made dough and powdered sugar. This a must do when in New Orleans.

Go on a Ghost Tour

The most terrifying way to see New Orleans is on a ghost tour and a great way to get an insider’s perspective on the city. You can go ghost-hunting with your friends or family, and learn all about what makes this unique place so hauntingly beautiful. Packed with history and anecdotes, these tours will leave you in a state of bewilderment from all that was once done here, like tales about Voodoo queens and Confederate soldiers who still walk among us! I think I even caught a spirits in these pictures below. What do you think? The face recognition popped up and I took a picture.

Have a frozen Voodoo Daiquiri from Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop Bar aka the purple drink

One of the most popular drinks in New Orleans, this purple drink is extremely tasty. It comes in the form of a slushy, which is perfect on a hot Louisiana day. Please be careful, the daiquiris are extremely strong and will sneak up on you. The building is so historic and looks really cool. I heard it’s supposed to be haunted too.

Have a HUGE ASS beer

Have a HUGE ASS Beer at the HUGE ASS Cantina. What better way to enjoy a cold one than with an oversized mug. You’ll feel like the King of All Peoples as you stroll through New Orleans carrying your massive beer in hand. Plus, let’s be honest, it is way easier than carrying a 6 pack.

Breakfast at Elizabeth’s

Keep in mind, the surrounding area may not look the best. Do not panic.

I was so excited to go inside this cute little building. It looks just like any other building in Louisiana, but when you walk through the doors it’s huge with tons of people enjoying their breakfast. It’s like Louisiana voodoo magic how these small buildings grow to be so large on the inside. The breakfast is delish and worth the drive.

Shop for Souvenirs at the French Market

The French Market is the perfect place to find that one-of-a kind souvenir. With an impressive selection of items, you’re sure not only to find your memento, but also something unique for friends and family members too. Also, you can find traditional quick service Cajun food at reasonable prices.

Eat a Muffuletta

Have you ever tried a muffuletta? It’s the perfect sandwich for when it is hot outside, and it tastes like heaven. The cheese combined with salty meat, fresh olives, and olive oil will make your taste buds go wild!

End the night at Pat O’Brien’s

The first thing you will notice about the building is how small it looks from outside. As soon as I walked in though (and took a few steps), my eyes were met with an enormous amount of people who all seemed to be enjoying themselves thoroughly. The ladies on the piano were singing their butts off. This is 100% the place to be!

If you’re looking for a city with an unforgettable atmosphere, New Orleans is it. From the music and nightlife, to the food and history, there’s always something new to explore in The Big Easy. So what are you waiting for? Let Glam Escapes book your next trip to this one-of-a-kind destination! Click here to learn more.

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  1. Mike Vissicchio

    Glad you had a good time down here! Next time head up town to the Maple Leaf or Tipitinas for some live music..check out dba on Frenchmen as well


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