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The Houston Zoo

Mar 8, 2020 | Texas | 0 comments

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Schools across the country are gearing up for spring break. Why not escape to the Houston Zoo? It was on the top of our list of local “things to do” in 2020. Here are my tips and tricks to making the most out of your Houston Zoo visit.

Woman feeding a giraffe at the zoo.| The Houston Zoo

I have partnered with Houston Zoo for this post. The best part for me, is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog post.

Houston Zoo Hours


7 days a week

General Admission Tickets

A portion of each Houston Zoo ticket purchase goes towards protecting animals in the wild.

(Free admission on first Tuesday of the month)

Buy your tickets online, in advance, to skip the line.

Adults (12+): $22.95

Children: $17.95

Senior (65+): $17.95

Student Discounts

You must present a valid, current student ID.

One free admission per student, per visit:

University of Houston

Rice University

St. Thomas University

Texas Southern University

$2 off an admission:

Houston Baptist University

Houston Community College System

South Texas College of Law

Free Tuesdays

Also, the Houston Zoo offers the following discounts:

Group of 20 discount

Corporate Discounts

US Military

Metro Discount

Lone Star Discount

Members of other Zoos

Pre-trip Preparation

We are well groomed travelers and love to save money any chance we can get. Therefore, we always pack an ice cooler with our lunch, snacks, and drinks when heading to the zoo. The zoo requests that you do not bring glass bottles, alcoholic drinks, and plastic straws. The honor system is in place when it comes to these rules, because no baggage is checked at the zoo entrance.

People waiting to enter the zoo. | The Houston Zoo

Not in the mood to pack a lunch? Do not worry, they have plenty of food booths throughout the park.

Looking for a spot to eat your packed lunches? The Cypress Circle Café has an abundant supply of tables that are perfect for an outside picnic.

Cypress circle cafe at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo

Parking is free at Herman Park across the street from the zoo’s entrance. Plan to be at the Houston Zoo when it opens, otherwise be prepared to fight cars for a parking spot. It can get brutal.

Strollers and Scooter Rental

We usually opt to bring our own wagon to save some cash. This year it slipped our mind. Yes, we even make mistakes when traveling! Thankfully, the zoo offers stroller rentals. Honestly, I believe my husband was happy because these strollers are 100% easier to push around then our wagon at home.

Single Stroller- $12

Double Stroller-$17

Wagon- $16

Little girl sitting in rented stroller at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Zoo Map

Grab a free Houston Zoo map at the entrance and plan accordingly. This zoo is massive and it takes almost all day to complete.

Little kids sitting in rented stroller looking at a map at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Grab a Beer

Next, grab a beer. Yes, they serve beer and wine! Score!

Man holding a beer at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo

If you miss a beer stand, do not worry they have stands located all over the park.

People buying food at the Saint Arnold Stand at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Keep in mind, you are not allowed to feed the zoo animals.

Luckily, we did bring snacks for OUR little animals because they require food hourly. This Zoo Keeper gets tired of hearing the word snack.

Little girl eating a snack at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
New Experiences

Every time we are at the Houston Zoo, we have a new experience.

This year we saw the new baby elephant. Like my daughter always says, “So cute, right?”

Elephants at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo

We saw a swimming Capybara. Did you know they swim like a professional? They are some serious underwater swimmers.

Capybara at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Capybara in the water at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo

Tapirs can spray urine backwards 7-10 feet. Who knew? We found this warning sign. I wonder if someone was sprayed? Hmm..gross.

Tapers sign at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo

We went on the perfect day, because all the animals were extremely active.

Animals at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Zebra an ostrich at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Giraffe Feeding Platform

It costs $7 for the giraffe food and more than one person may go to the platform. Feeding times are at 11:00 am & 2:00 pm. The ticket stand opens just before feeding times.

Woman feeding a giraffe at the zoo.| The Houston Zoo
Giraffe at the feeding platform at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Children’s Zoo

It is located at the back of the park. If you are exhausted out of your mind by the time you hit the back of the zoo, then you are in luck. This is the perfect spot to sit back and relax while the kids run wild.

Kids playing at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Dad and kids playing at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Kids playing in a cave at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Playground at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Free Petting Zoo

The petting zoo is located within the Children’s zoo. It’s a hit with our kids.

Little girl petting animals at the petting zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Best Instagram Spots

Make sure you get some good family pictures before you leave. My two favorite Instagram spots are located at the front of the park.

Family posing in front of the water at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo
Kids posing on the rhino statue at the zoo. | The Houston Zoo

Start planning your next adventure today. It can even be a short car ride away. Hopefully, I have inspired you to make those travel plans a reality.

I love fashion and make-up. Did you see something you like?

Here’s what we wore:

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