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The Ultimate Wellness Getaway at Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand – A Traveler’s Guide- Part 1

Feb 2, 2024 | Thailand | 0 comments

Calling all relaxation lovers, and wellness enthusiasts! Are you ready to escape the everyday hustle and bustle and indulge in some much-needed self-care? Look no further than Absolute Sanctuary, a luxurious retreat nestled on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand. This ultimate wellness getaway is every traveler’s dream destination, offering a perfect balance of indulgence and rejuvenation. From delicious healthy meals to various activities for the mind, body, and soul – this traveler’s guide will show you why Absolute Sanctuary should be at the top of your travel bucket list. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable journey towards complete well-being at Absolute Sanctuary!

I have partnered with Absolute Sanctuary for this post. This is my honest opinion, with no constraints. For the record, I only choose places that I ABSOLUTELY want to visit myself!

Where and how to get to Absolute Sanctuary


88, Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

Get ready for a healthy celebrity-like getaway at Absolute Sanctuary on the stunning Island of Ko Samui! This place has it all – beautiful beaches, awesome shopping, and a chance to detox like the stars. First, catch a flight to Bangkok and then hop on a quick one-hour flight to Ko Samui. And guess what? They serve full-course meals on the short flight, so get ready to indulge. Once you touch down in Ko Samui, the resort bus will whisk you away on a short 15-minute private bus/car ride to the resort. No anxiety pill is needed for the bus ride because it’s short and sweet. To make your life easier, be sure to schedule your airport pick-up with the resort right when you book your flights.

PS. Touching down in Ko Samui will make your heart skip a beat with excitement as you immerse yourself in its stunning tropical feel at Samui Airport. It is the most adorable airport EVER.

Do they speak English on the Island of Ko Samui?

Get ready for a stress-free trip to the stunning Island of Ko Samui! Unlike those scary stories, you might have heard, where people arrive and no one speaks a word of English, that won’t happen here. From the moment you touch down at Bangkok Airport, everything is in English, and it’s the same at Ko Samui Airport too. The best part? All the signs on the island are in English, and pretty much everyone speaks it too. So, forget about communication worries – as long as you know English, you won’t have any problems at all!

Why is Absolute Sanctuary so important?

Looking for an affordable getaway? I mean, who needs expensive trips to Mexico (yuck) when you can jet off to Thailand instead? Picture this: a week or two of detoxing your body, enjoying healthy meals, and getting your daily dose of yoga and pilates. No alcohol, no sugar, no caffeine, just pure goodness for your body. Trust me, you won’t be able to cheat here! This is the ultimate mental health escape for all of us. This is 100% what I needed. In my opinion, this is 100% what all Americans need. I was able to kick my sugar addiction and I haven’t had a Coca-Cola since.

You cannot put a price tag on your health

I’ve got a tiny rant for you. It’s crazy how we as Americans fill our bodies with all sorts of junk. But you know what? You can’t put a price on good health! That’s why it’s crucial to prioritize detoxing. It’s not just about your body, but your mental well-being too. And let’s face it, nobody needs a detox more than we Americans!

What to Expect at Absolute Sanctuary

Ok, my detox rant is over so let’s get to the juice of this blog post. hehe

Wellness Plans at Absolute Sanctuary

The first exciting step is choosing the ultimate wellness plan – trust me, this is a game-changer. I went with the fabulous Pilates Reformer Bootcamp and opted for the 5-day plan. But wait, there’s more. I’ll spill all the delicious details in this awesome blog post (keep reading).

  • Initial Wellness Consultation with Bio Impedance Analysis
  • 1 x Arrival Day Welcome Dinner
  • 3 x Wellness Cuisine Meals a day
  • 2 x Fresh Juices or Smoothies a day
  • 1 x 30-minute Postural analysis
  • 1 x 30-minute Exit Pilates Consultation
  • 2 x Group Pilates Reformer Class per day
  • Pool, Steam room & Fitness Studio access
  • Unlimited access to Group Fitness classes (Sunrise Beach Walk, Aqua power, HIIT Training, Myofascial, Weight Training, subject to group schedule of each week)
  • 10% Discount on all Spa, Detox, Ala carte treatments & Yoga, Pilates classes
  • Round-trip airport transfer

Click here to read more about the 5-day Pilates Reformer Bootcamp.

Rooms at Absolute Sanctuary

Get ready to be wowed by the updated and ridiculously adorable rooms. They’re exactly what I’d imagine a breathtaking detox and wellness resort room to be. Think sleek, modern, and boasting a gorgeous view.

Morning Time equals Tea Time at Absolute Sanctuary

Picture this: you saunter into your hotel room, ready to unwind. But when morning hits, there’s a twist – no caffeine allowed! Don’t worry, though. This health resort knows how to make tea taste like a dream. Surprisingly, I found that starting my day without coffee wasn’t all that terrible. Sipping a cup of tea while taking in the view became a morning ritual I actually enjoyed. Who needs caffeine when you can thrive without it for a whole week? It’s just one week right?

Morning Yoga at Absolute Sanctuary

Before you arrive, you’ll schedule your awesome itinerary with the super helpful concierge. They’ll hook you up with a printed version at check-in. My 5-day Pilates adventure had me supercharged for an invigorating morning yoga session every single day. Plus, there’s a fabulous selection of two different yoga levels to match your gusto. I couldn’t resist opting for both, because who wouldn’t want to kickstart their day with an awesome dose of yoga for 60 minutes?

Imagine doing yoga and being able to gaze out at the mesmerizing ocean. Even though you can’t see it in my picture, trust me, it’s there and it’s breathtaking!

Breakfast at Absolute Sanctuary

Up next: Breakfast bonanza! You get a juice and not one, but two scrumptious breakfast items. Let’s just say the first two days were pure breakfast heaven. But as the days went on, my healthy eating journey became a bit of a challenge. By day 3, my body was craving sugar and carbs like nobody’s business. It was tough, but I powered through and made it to the finish line of this 5 day cleanse. I’m still alive and kicking.

Morning and Evening Pilates Reformer- 60 minutes

Pilates Reformer Bootcamp at Absolute Sanctuary, each day promises riveting morning and evening sessions that pulse with both challenge and serenity. Bracing myself for the intense morning sessions after a hearty breakfast, I couldn’t help but marvel at the skill of their star instructor, Kevin. Tapping into Pilates techniques that defied the status quo, he seamlessly turned the familiar into the extraordinary, bestowing a wealth of knowledge to even seasoned Pilates Reformer enthusiasts like myself. Sweeping panoramas of technique and determination under the guise of a maestro – that’s the magic of Pilates ReformerBootcamp at Absolute Sanctuary.

Before joining the Pilates Reformer class, a 30-minute consultation is mandatory — regardless of your experience level. Surprisingly, even seasoned professionals find value in these sessions. I was skeptical at first, but my instructor, Kevin, guided me through equipment usage and technique, enriching my understanding despite my prior Pilates Reformer background. The consultation was amazing.

Lunch and Dinner at Absolute Sanctuary

Post-Pilates, my appetite is roaring, and the promise of a satisfying meal is like a light at the end of the stretching tunnel. It’s essential to keep the balance with something healthy after a rigorous workout, right? A refreshing juice sets the tone, followed by two delightful entrees, and I’ve got my post-workout to refuel down to a T. Now, despite the initial culinary bliss, the challenge emerged by day three for me. My taste buds rebel against the no-carb regime, and my sweet tooth is screaming for indulgence. The cravings are intense, it’s a dietary detox, and my body was sending an SOS. But I needed to remind myself, this is a necessary reset. My health journey calls for a little sacrifice. And in the end, it’s my body’s refreshing restart that will keep me on the path to wellness

Initial Wellness Consultation with Bio Impedance Analysis

On Day 1 of boot camp, I strutted into my first Wellness Consultation for the year, ready for praise. Like a proud peacock. My weight, fat percentages, and hydration levels were high-fiving. It felt as great as polishing off a slice of cake without the calories. But all jokes aside, my TLC check-ins are sacred; a yearly must-do to keep my health in check. Turns out, I’m at 32.6% body fat, which apparently, is the gold standard for my vintage (cough.. age). My blood pressure? Well, let’s just say it’s low but normal for my age.

Postural Analysis

DAY 2: The Postural Analysis—an anticipated but dreaded affair. I know I have issues when it comes to my posture. However, Kevin doesn’t just diagnose; he prescribes a regimen of stretches to kiss those injuries goodbye. He stated my neck needs daily TLC because that’s my ticket to better squats. My tight calves were slowing me down. Therefore, I needed to loosen those bad boys if I wanted a lift that defies gravity. And guess what—Kevin did not send me into this new health quest blind. He showed me how I could fix it, listing out home hacks.

And the punchline? It’s worked! The ‘Postural Plan’ isn’t just about scans and chats; it’s life-altering guidance, televised with stretch tutorial reruns. Who’d have thought a mere glance in the mirror, backed by science and Kevin’s savvy, could spell such a monumental makeover?

Himalayan Salt Therapy Room

On my very first visit, I instantly felt the hustle and bustle of city life evaporate. I was handed a warm cup of soothing tea and ushered into a room bathed in the soft glow of pink salt walls. For 15 minutes, I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and let the air infused with healing salt work its magic. But what really got me hooked wasn’t just the health benefits; it was the total escape. It’s like a mental health time warp, where the world outside stops, and a slice of bliss is neatly packaged just for me. This isn’t your ordinary spa experience—it’s an everyday sabbatical for the senses.

Pool at Absolute Sanctuary

This is where you would catch me every day when I was not exercising or sipping on my daily juice. The serene pool area offers ample shade, making it the perfect spot to unwind with a good book or relax on the delightful flamingo float. It was my daily escape and where I retreated to for peace and quiet.

To be continued…

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