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Twilight Trip to Forks, Washington

Apr 14, 2024 | Washington | 0 comments

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to a once-in-a-lifetime experience tailored for the truest of Twilight devotees. Today I transcend the boundary between reality and fantasy as we begin our enchanting Twilight Trip to Forks, Washington. Here, under the watchful eyes of the Olympic Mountains and amidst the whispers of the Hoh Rainforest, I will retrace the hallowed steps of Bella and Edward, the iconic characters that have stolen the hearts of many like myself.

Prepare yourselves to be immersed in the very setting that Stephenie Meyer vividly painted with her words. Imagine the feel of the misty air, the scent of the dense forest, and the chill of the supernatural that seems to linger around every corner. Our expedition into the heart of Forks is not just a trip; it’s a pilgrimage for the soul among you who have lived and breathed the twilight saga.

This is the opportunity to walk through the scenes that formed the backdrop of a timeless love story and connect with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion and enthusiasm. Every moment from this point forward is a step further into the world of Twilight, a chance to suspend disbelief and indulge in the magic that is Forks. Welcome, Twilight fans, to an adventure written in the stars, a tale waiting to be lived. Welcome to Forks!

Note: Be prepared to have wet shoes and socks!

Was Twilight Filmed in Forks Washington?

The filming of the Twilight movie took place in Portland, Oregon. The actual town of Forks that was depicted in the book was not large enough to accommodate the entire film crew, necessitating the selection of an alternative location.

Where to Stay in Forks, Washington

Stay at the Cullen’s House. You know the one from the book.

Miller Tree, 654 East Division Street, Forks, WA 98331

Forks’ Chamber of Commerce

Kickstart your Twilight adventure by popping into the Forks’ Chamber of Commerce, where they’ll hook you up with a complimentary map dotted with all the must-see Twilight highlights. The friendly folks there have all the insider tips to ensure your tour is epic. Don’t forget to snap a pic with the iconic replica of Bella’s truck—it’s an Instagram goldmine!

1411 Forks Avenue, Forks, Washington

Bella’s House in Forks, Washington

For book lovers like myself, stopping by Bella’s house—yes, the literary one, not the movie set—was an absolute fan moment come true. Immerse yourself in the authentic Twilight tour, retracing Bella’s steps straight out of the pages. And the best part? You can actually stay there because this house is listed on Airbnb!

775 K Street, Forks, Washington

Forever Twilight in Forks Collection

The Forever Twilight in Forks Collection, is where you can step into the scenes with actual costumes and props from Twilight – and guess what? It’s completely FREE!

But behold, here’s the scoop you simply can’t miss: The magic unfolds exclusively on Fridays and Saturdays, but beware, the doors close at 4 PM sharp. To secure your passage through this cinematic treasure trove, you must sign up for a time slot in person – and make haste! They stop accepting brave adventurers at 3:30 PM.

My pro tip? Be the early bird that catches the worm! Race to be first in line and guarantee your spot in this extraordinary exhibit.

And here’s the cherry on top: While counting down the minutes until your adventure, indulge in some delightful shopping in the area. There’s a trove of shopping centers waiting for your money!

11 N Forks Ave, Forks, WA 98331

This is where you will find the famous Resnesmee doll. They call her “Chuckesmee” for a reason. Who would have thought that Forks would become the resting place for the haunted doll from cinematic legend (aka Renesmee)? Join in, if you dare, for a selfie with the star that’s quite literally a doll out of the ordinary.

Forks High School in Washington

Seize the opportunity to explore the authentic Forks High School, the actual institution where Bella Swan attended class.

Number of students 452!

261 Spartan Ave, Forks, WA 98331

Dr. Cullen’s Parking Spot at the Hospital

Make your way to the Carlisle parking spot at the hospital for a clear view of the hospital described in the book. It can be a challenge to find but don’t give up!

530 Bogachiel Way, Forks, WA

In conclusion, embarking on the Twilight tour and seeing all the real spots from the book was an experience like no other. As a reader who has been fully immersed in the story of Bella, Edward, and Jacob, I have always dreamed of walking in their footsteps. And this tour made that dream a reality. It allowed me to see firsthand the places that were so vividly described in the pages of the beloved series. Not only did it bring me closer to understanding the characters and their world, but it also added a whole new level of appreciation for Stephanie Meyer’s writing. Being able to grasp the true essence and visual representation of each location truly elevated my reading experience to new heights. And while visiting the movie spots may be exciting for some, nothing compares to actually standing where Bella first saw Edward sparkle in the sunlight or where Jacob and his pack ran through the forests as wolves. This tour gave me a deeper connection to these fictional characters and their journey, making it an unforgettable experience. So whether you’re a die-hard fan or simply curious about exploring these mystical locations yourself, I highly recommend taking this Twilight tour to fully immerse yourself in this enchanting world.

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