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What is an Aliveness Experience Retreat?

Jan 2, 2023 | Greece | 0 comments

Are you feeling lost and uninspired, like something is missing but you can’t put your finger on it? Do you wish to experience more aliveness in your life, but don’t know what steps to take? If so, an Aliveness Experience Retreat might be just the thing for you. By providing space away from everyday life and offering a deep connection with ourselves and others, an Aliveness Retreat can be the answer. Attending such a retreat could help unlock your creativity, spark new ideas, heal old wounds, and allow you a time to relax and grow. This post provides more details about what an Aliveness Experience Retreat entails and how to leave it as the goddess you were meant to be.

What is an Aliveness Experience Retreat

Follow Your Aliveness: What It Is

Follow Your Aliveness is an international organization encouraging a new generation of World Changers to reach higher levels of understanding. Their goal is to provide coaches, entrepreneurs, and parents with the tools they need to shape their lives into something that enriches them, while simultaneously assisting others in doing the same – resulting in aliveness which begins one person at a time! While everyone can be considered a ‘World Changer’, this group is committed to ensuring you have everything necessary for success throughout your journey. Learn more by clicking here.

(At opposite ends of the table, Gigi Sage and Makena unite to form Follow Your Aliveness. These two ladies’ powerful partnership is the leading edge of the Aliveness Movement.)

Aliveness Experience Retreat: What It Is and What You Can Expect

Explore a journey of self-discovery and growth at the Aliveness Experience Retreat, where like-minded individuals come together to share their unique perspectives on life. Filled with interactive activities and inspiring conversations, Gigi and Makena are passionate about finding what makes each person special. They take a journey with you to uncover your true calling, the thing that will make your life truly fulfilling. Unlocking this hidden passion can be incredibly rewarding and life-changing. They are experts at uncovering passion in unexpected places. By taking the time to work with you, they can help reveal a hidden dream or realize an old ambition that you thought was out of reach. They guide you toward discovering what truly makes your heart sing. You will spend three to four days exploring your passions and gaining invaluable insight – the journey may be tiring, but it’s so worth it in the end. Once you discover what truly inspires and motivates you, the journey to making your dreams a reality begins. Gigi and Makena can guide you the entire way to help you achieve your full potential. They understand with dedication and hard work, any goal can be conquered.

Who attends the Aliveness Experience Retreat?

People from all walks of life come together at the Aliveness Experience Retreat to explore their innermost selves, share stories and experiences, and learn how to unleash their true potential. It is an incredible opportunity for growth that brings individuals of fascinating backgrounds into one space with a common goal — transformation. At this retreat, you’ll find a diverse and inspiring group of women including, actresses, authors, and self-made millionaires, who will all come together in this incredible gathering. With their strength and determination, these amazing women are the perfect allies for any journey to success. Their inspirational presence is sure to help you reach your goals. It’s an opportunity like no other – get ready for a powerful celebration that demonstrates the achievements of female excellence.

Aliveness Experience Retreat

How to find your purpose with the Aliveness Experience Retreat

I embarked on a challenging journey of self-discovery and realized that some things I thought inspired me weren’t quite my true passions. I eventually experienced an intense migraine during the retreat – one which felt like would never end. I felt my whole world tumble around me as I uncovered that controlling every aspect of life wasn’t the answer to my problems. I have a tendency to be overly controlling, an issue that needs some reflection and attention. I learned my best quality (controlling) can be my biggest curse. However, I discovered that deep down, giving advice is actually my true calling. My true love is not traveling so much as it is helping others. To express this newfound passion, I needed to let go of things that no longer served valid purpose in my life. I finally had to confront the fact that while some activities seemed enjoyable at first glance, they were actually draining me and not worth my time. In fact, they were depleting my energy and enthusiasm. It was difficult, but ultimately necessary for me to make this realization. It was time for me to make a change and go in a new exciting direction.

Greek Goddess Party

As women, we recognize power within ourselves. We have a collective strength that lies dormant until we come together and tap into our creativity to turn ideas into reality – transforming what was once merely potentiality into tangible success! Together we can serve as true goddesses in this world. Gigi and Makena love to empower and celebrate being women. On one of the last days, we said goodbye to our trip with a bang. The host had a decadent Greek Goddess Party on the beach, complete with delicious drinks and mouthwatering appetizers. We danced and laughed for hours. It was just a group of determined women who just needed time to celebrate themselves. It was definitely an evening that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. These women started as strangers to me and now I am honored to call them friends.

Location of Aliveness Experience Retreat

Every year is a unique opportunity to gather with individuals from around the globe. This past year was particularly special in that it involved an exciting retreat all the way in Greece. But don’t worry if you missed out – each and every time these far-away getaways come together they are held at different locations for those who seek more worldly adventures. Whether you have the ability to explore a new country or need to stay closer to home, retreats are available right here in the USA! Enjoy exploring and expanding your knowledge without ever having to leave your homeland or just be adventurous and go abroad.

Here is the resort where the retreat was held this year.

In conclusion, Aliveness Experience Retreats offer the perfect opportunity to step away from your everyday life, and to relax and connect with yourself on a deeper level. They provide attendees with space, creativity, healing, and to just unplug from technology. These retreats allow you to tap into your own goddess energy and emerge feeling refreshed and inspired. If you’re feeling lost or uninspired, consider attending an Aliveness Experience Retreat–you might just find what you’ve been searching for all along. I know I did.

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