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Where to eat in Key West right now

Jun 13, 2021 | Florida | 0 comments

Key West has some of the most breathtaking beaches in the United States, which may explain why it also has some of the best restaurants you will find in Florida. I know this is a bold statement, but I’m standing behind it. The views are stunning AND the food is delicious! This blog post covers where to eat in Key West right now. Come hungry and expect to leave 5 pounds heavier!

Man holding Key Lime Pie in Florida Keys restaurant | Where to Eat in Key West

I have partnered with The Florida Keys & Key West Tourism for this post. The best part for me is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog post. This is my honest opinion, with no constraints. For the record, I pick locations that I want to personally go to.

The locals will tell you if a restaurant isn’t good, it won’t last! In the end, it is almost impossible to make the wrong decision when it comes to food in Key West. So, if you are still looking for recommendations here are my favorites:

Try a Key Lime Pie at Kermit’s Key Lime Shoppe

The story is told that the Key Lime Pie was created by Aunt Sally in the kitchen of the Key West Curry Mansion. This is your chance to try a REAL Key Lime Pie! My husband was on a mission to find the best Key Lime Pie, so he tried almost every Key Lime Pie in Key West. The winner was Kermit’s Strawberry Key Lime Pie. He loved it so much that we stopped at the store every time we passed it. The entire store is green and yellow with a key lime theme. Do not let the decor discourage you. It is NOT a tourist trap.

Shelves inside Kermits shop in Key West. | Where to Eat in Key West
Man holding Key Lime Pie in Florida Keys restaurant | Where to Eat in Key West
Have a massive Mojito made with sugar cane and a delicious appetizer at Willie T’s.

“You wanna argue-or do you wanna drink?” Stop at Willie Ts for some live music and while you are there enjoy their amazing appetizers. Look at this Mojito! Sharing is optional, but I highly suggest you share. There was no money wasted on this massive drink. It had us both in a fantastic mood! No worries we safely biked back to our hotel.

Couple sharing a mojito drink, smiling. | Where to Eat in Key West

The fried cheese is amazing. It comes with marinara and honey. The honey just takes the fried cheese to the next level. Yum good! I do not think you can go wrong with their appetizers.

Plate of fried cheese and marinara sauce. | Where to Eat in Key West

Have Italian food at Abbondanza Italian food.

I know what you are thinking…Italian food in Key West does not sound good at all. Well, you will be highly surprised once you have had the Italian food at Abbodanza. This is where you will find all the locals gathered for dinner. There is a reason why the locals love this spot! If you are judging my picture, do not let it alarm you, because the picture gives it zero justice. This dish was awesome! The craziest part is my husband and I split this pasta. Yes, this is only half of the pasta.

Bowl of Italian pasta. | Where to Eat in Key West

Eat at the original Margaritaville.

Welcome to the home of the original Margaretville and the city that started it all. Margaritaville’s motto is “No shoes, no shirt, no problems”. Please keep in mind, you are going for the experience. Eat at Alonzo’s Oyster Bar or A & B Lobster House (water view) These two restaurants are owned by the same company. Alonzo’s is open for both lunch and dinner while A & B Lobster House is open for dinner. Both are located in the same area and the food is delish. If A & B Lobster House is out of your budget then go with Alonzo’s it is a cheaper version of A & B Lobster House.

Plate of seafood. | Where to Eat in Key West
Plate of fish, rice and salsa with a side of pineapple. | Where to Eat in Key West

Wahlburgers Key West

(water view)

If you haven’t had a Wahlburgers experience then here is your chance, and it is located next to the water. I grew up listening to Marky Mark and New Kids on the Block, so Wahlburgers has a special place in my heart. My husband and I split a hamburger and onion strings for lunch. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the view. Now, this is what I call a vacation. The onion strings are really good!

Plate of onion straws and half of a hamburger. | Where to Eat in Key West
Woman smiling outside with a boat behind her. | Where to Eat in Key West

Breakfast at The Reach Key West Hotel

We had breakfast at several restaurants and to our surprise, our hotel had the best breakfast. The restaurant has an adorable beachy vibe, plus their breakfast was darn good. I loved that they had several healthy breakfast alternatives.

Plate of breakfast food sitting on table including toast, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, butter and jam. | Where to Eat in Key West

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