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Where to eat in Las Vegas

Jul 13, 2021 | Nevada | 0 comments

When you think about Vegas, you most likely think about gambling, Vegas Shows, or wild parties. However, I suggest you come to Las Vegas for the food! The restaurants alone are worthy of the plane ride over. Now you can drink responsibly AND eat responsibly while in Vegas. That means do not get caught in tourist food traps eating disgusting, overpriced food. Here are my suggestions on the best places to eat in Las Vegas.

I have partnered with a local PR Firm for this post. The best part for me is they had zero restrictions when it came to my blog post. This is my honest opinion, with no constraints. For the record, I pick locations that I want to personally go to.

Nacho Daddy

On the Strip

(Go for the food)

This restaurant started in Vegas and is home to the most amazing gourmet nachos. The price, plus the taste is just right. Do not worry! I’m from Texas, so I know my Mexican food! I suggest you order a few different types of nachos, and splitting among your group of friends. This way you have a chance to try all the different flavors. Look at these nachos! Get in my tummy!

Woman smiling at the camera and eating nachos in a restaurant | Where to eat in Las Vegas

P.s. Their margaritas are strong!

Three plates of nachos on table. | Where to eat in Las Vegas

You only live once, so why not try a scorpion in your tequila while you’re there?

Shot of tequila with a scorpion in it and a lime on the rim. | Where to eat in Las Vegas

Hell’s Kitchen

On the Strip in front of Ceasar’s Palace

(Go for the experience & the beef wellington)

If you are a Gordon Ramsey fan, this is your chance to finally try his famous lobster risotto. You can almost just picture him screaming at one of the chefs “the risotto is undercooked, you idiot”. Sadly, you will not spot Gordon Ramsey flaring up at this restaurant, however, you will still have an amazing experience. Also, if you are wondering which season of Hells Kitchen was filmed at this location, it was Season 19, which was in 2021.

Two couples posing in front of the Hell's Kitchen logo of the restaurant.  | Where to eat in Las Vegas

You must try the beef wellington while you are there. It seems like almost every restaurant in Las Vegas promotes their beef wellington (I guess it’s a popular Las Vegas food). However, the one at Hell’s Kitchen was so delish that I was dreaming about it that night and even debated going back to Hell’s Kitchen just to order it again before I left.

Plate of beef wellington with mashed potatoes.   | Where to eat in Las Vegas

Also, while you are there try a “Smoke on the Blvd” drink. Which, surprisingly, was not too bad on the pocketbook. The price is 100% not what you think it will be. The cocktail is presented in a cherry-wood smoke-filled glass cabinet. The smell and presentation are amazing and make the drink totally worth it.

Buddy V’s Ristorante

On the Strip inside The Venetian Resort

(Go for the food)

If you love Italian food, then this is the SPOT! Yes, it’s owned by “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro, who is known for making amazing cakes and pastries. The man is extremely talented when it comes to cakes. However, do not let that discourage you when it comes to picking out a dinner spot to eat, because the man knows good Italian food. There is a reason all the top bloggers are talking about this restaurant. It is to die for!

Look at these appetizers!

Plates of appetizer food with two drinks on a table. | Where to eat in Las Vegas

If you have a man in your life, I suggest The Boss XL Veal Parm Chops. My husband and his friend were highly pleased with this selection. Beware it’s massive!

Plate of the Boss XL Veal Parm Chops. | Where to eat in Las Vegas

While you are there get a signature cocktail because they are so good! I know you may think I think everything is amazing. However, we were truly pleased with everything we tried. I have no complaints.

Signature cocktail sitting on ledge in front of window with the Las Vegas strip blurred in the background.| Where to eat in Las Vegas

Heartattack Grill

On Fremont Street Downtown Vegas

(Go for the experience)

Are you a bad eater while on vacation? Good, because you will not find anything healthy at this restaurant. The waitresses are dressed like nurses and they will only serve you the greasiest, fattest, and highest-calorie items on the menu. I dare you to ask for water! The nurse will flat-out tell you no. Only soda is served with your meal. There is even a scale inside the restaurant, and if you weigh over 350 pounds you can receive unlimited free “Bypass Burgers”… no sharing. Alcoholic beverages come in prescription bottles, IVs, or shot form. Here is your time to get up-to-date on your vaccines. I know we did! Also, did I forget to mention you are given hospital gowns to wear when you enter the restaurant? It’s mandatory during your stay. This is a serious matter.

Two women laughing and posing with shots pushed into their arms. | Where to eat in Las Vegas
Two women taking shots in a restaurant. | Where to eat in Las Vegas
Classic burger in a tray. | Where to eat in Las Vegas
Hot dog with chili, cheese and bacon on a tray. | Where to eat in Las Vegas

If you are unable to finish your food then the nurse will literally have to spank you before you leave. My husband is a good man and took a spanking for me. What a good man!

Woman pretending to spank her husband in the restaurant.| Where to eat in Las Vegas

Steak Strip

On the Strip inside Mandalay Bay

(Go for the food)

The prices are high, but the portions are bigger. This place is delish and it’s a meat lover’s paradise. One disclaimer, you MUST like meat because they will give you ALOT of it! That is why you come. Also, the fries come with each meal and they are delish.

Cast iron skillet filled with pasta and chicken.| Where to eat in Las Vegas
A plate of scallops with butter sauce.| Where to eat in Las Vegas

Giordano’s Deep Dish Pizza

Off the Strip

(Go for the deep-dish pizza)

If you love deep-dish pizza and you are willing to wait the hour it takes to make one, then here is your spot. Anyone who loves a deep dish knows you must wait. Good things come to those who wait. Ask the guys. They were in HEAVEN.

Deep dish pizza with a man pulling a piece to his plate with a strings of cheese dripping.| Where to eat in Las Vegas
Deep dish pizza on a tray on a table.| Where to eat in Las Vegas

Mon Ami Gabi

On Strip at Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

(Go for food & experience)

You can eat inside the Eiffel Tower, which is extremely expensive, but the views are amazing! If you have a smaller budget, you can eat Mon Ami Gabi which is under the Eiffel Tower. I personally love this restaurant and I eat here every time I’m in Vegas. The restaurant, the views, the wait staff, and the food remind me of Paris. So, if you haven’t been to Paris, or you want a night in Paris then make a reservation at this restaurant. It is a must when in Vegas!

Two women sitting at a table outside of restaurant laughing and eating and drinking.| Where to eat in Las Vegas
Plate of steak and french fried with greens as a garnish. | Where to eat in Las Vegas

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