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Why Priceless Car Rental is the Worst Choice for Travelers

Jan 15, 2024 | Florida | 0 comments

Welcome travelers! As you’re planning your next adventure, you’re probably comparing car rental companies and prices. But listen up before you book with the cheapest option – Priceless Car Rental. I know their name promises some kind of magical deal, but let me tell you from experience – there is nothing “priceless” about renting from this company. It might end up being the most expensive mistake of your trip! I’m here to share my hilarious (or was it horrific?) tale of what happened when I decided to save a few bucks by going with Priceless. Buckle up, because you’re in for a bumpy ride filled with shady fees, bizarre policies, and one jalopy of a car that will have you questioning all of your life decisions. By the end of this story, you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you didn’t book with Priceless – and you’ll see why they’ve truly earned the worst reputation of any rental company out there.

Hey there, let me start by saying I usually don’t like to badmouth companies. I was raised with the saying “If you have nothing nice to say, keep quiet.” Usually, if I visit a place I don’t enjoy, I just keep it to myself. But guys, in the case of this rental company, I can’t stay silent. I have to warn you and share my story. So keep reading, because I’ve got some juicy details to spill!

Courtesy Shuttle Service to Priceless Car Rental

Get ready for a wild ride with our “not so fantastic” free shuttle service to the rental car company! Brace yourself for a van that’s, well, less than pristine. It’s so dirty, you’ll need a shower just from touching it. And don’t expect any assistance from the unhelpful lady who conveniently forgets about us ladies and our heavy luggage. But wait, there’s more! Enjoy an exhilarating journey as the lady blasts her speakerphone, engaged in a full-blown screaming match with a family member, all while zooming through the streets. Buckle up, folks, because this shuttle experience will go down in history as the absolute worst! And trust us, I know bad experiences. After all, I’m always traveling.

Hidden Fees at Priceless Car Rental

Renting cars is something I do all the time. Seriously, I just gave back a rental car yesterday! But you won’t believe this: this company expects you to have a whopping 500k policy, or they’ll add a crazy $ 29-a-day insurance charge. Talk about a total scam! My original sweet deal of $70 a day turned into a ridiculous $100. Man, that got me all riled up. Normally, I wouldn’t bother with extra insurance, but this time I had no choice but to fork over big bucks for their fancy coverage.

Rental cars at Priceless Car Rental

Okay, listen up folks! Hold onto your seats ’cause this is one wild ride you won’t believe! Picture this: dented vehicles galore, including mine which was practically a dented wonderland. And that’s not all, folks! Inside the car, things were falling apart left, right, and center, and someone dared to tape them back together. But wait, there’s more! Brace yourselves, ’cause guess what we found crawling around in our car? Roaches, my friends. Yes, you heard that right. R-O-A-C-H-E-S. Shudder-inducing? Absolutely. Disgusting? You betcha.

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All in all, my experience at the rental car lot was not exactly what I was hoping for. From the numerous dents covering every vehicle to the unexpected addition of a family of roaches, it’s safe to say that this particular company needs some serious improvement. While I understand that rental cars may not be in pristine condition, I also believe that there is a certain standard of cleanliness and functionality that should be expected. And let’s face it, no one wants to spend their vacation swatting away bugs while driving down the highway. So, after this eye-opening experience, I have decided to only book with companies I trust from now on. Sure, they may not always have the cheapest prices but when it comes to comfort and peace of mind, it’s well worth the extra cost. Remember, you deserve a luxurious travel experience at an affordable price. So why settle for anything less? Trust me, your future self will thank you. Now go ahead and treat yourself – book with Glam Escapes and get ready to make some amazing memories on your next trip!

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