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Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids

Mar 9, 2021 | Arizona | 0 comments

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Do you plan to take Route 66 to the Grand Canyon? If you plan on passing through Williams on your Arizona road trip, then you should MUST stop there. Here is why you should take this detour.

Two kids posing in front of a fake big brown bear in Bearizona. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids

COVID-19 Warning: There is currently no statewide mask order in Arizona. Williams is located in Coconino County, which does have a mask order for anyone inside a public space. Children ages 2 and younger are exempt from this order. Guests are required to wear masks while in interior public spaces and while on the train.

Do your kids love the Pixar-Disney movie Cars? The small town Radiator Springs was created based off this town in Williams off the historic Highway Route 66. Your kids will recognize many of the dusty faded buildings and places from the film. I suggest watching the movie before your trip.

Where to stay in Williams

Grand Canyon Railway & Hotel

233 N. Grand Canyon Blvd in Williams, Arizona

The Grand Canyon Hotel is designed to resemble an Old Western train depot. This is the perfect spot to stay the night before your big day at the Grand Canyon.

What to do in Williams, AZ


1500 E Rte 66, Williams, AZ 86046

Monday-Sunday 9am-4pm (Gate closes at 4pm)

This is the most unique and best “drive-through” zoo I’ve ever been to. This is no standard zoo. There are so many reasons why Bearizona is featured on all the major travel channels. Keep those windows up because you will drive past several Arctic Wolfes, Black Bears, and American Bison. You can drive this massive loop as many times as you want. You will come across a countless large selection of North American animals in their natural environment. Sorry no ATV’s, open-top jeeps, or open-top convertibles.

White artic wolf standing on a rock at Bearizonia. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids
Black bear walking in the snow at Bearizonia. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids
Two white bison sitting on the ground at Bearizonia. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids

There is even a large walk-through zoo that was the perfect spot for my kids to burn off their energy.

Entrance with trees at Bearizonia. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids
Tiger in the grass at Bearizonia. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids
Family pigs on the rocks at Bearizonia. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids

You can take a lunch for a nice picnic or you can dine at the Bearizona Dining Room Restaurant. This restaurant is themed to mimic the Arizona Caverns.

Little girl hugging fake baby bear on a bench at Bearizonia. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids

Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon Railway is an entertaining, historic train ride to the Grand Canyon. This adventure includes western music, cowboy characters, and a cowboy showdown, along with an old fashioned train robbery. Most importantly, it is on an amazing vintage train. Make your grand trip the grandest by hopping aboard a train that will take you back in time. How does the cowboy saying go? “If you climb in the saddle, be ready for the ride.”

Click here to read my blog post.

Woman with two kids standing in the snow in front of the grand canyon train. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids

Visit the City

History buffs can explore six blocks of historic buildings and shops. There is a Santa zip-line near the train tracks. You can fly through the air on a Santa sleigh! (Also, don’t forget to watch the Pixar-Disney movie Cars before your trip)

Two kids standing on the sidewalk in the snow. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids

Flinstone Bedrock City- Now Closed

101 US-180, Williams, AZ 86046

This “used” to be a cool Flintston themed roadside attraction. It is now closed. We drove to the other side of Williams to verify. There are a few small buildings left, but 100% not worth the drive anymore. It was not an “yabba-dabba-doo” time.

Where to Eat

Grand Canyon Brewery


This restaurant is a jump, hop, and skip away from the Railway Hotel. The food is really good. Show up early or make reservations. We went on a Tuesday and had to wait 40 minutes for a table.

Two kids standing on the sidewalk warming up by the heater. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids
Meat and bread and cheese platter with dipping sauces. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids
Large pepperoni and cheese pizza. | Williams, Arizona on Route 66 with Kids

While you are heading for the Grand Canyon, this small, historic town is the perfect spot to spend a few days. This town has countless things to do to keep your kids entertained.

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