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XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

Sep 19, 2020 | Central America | 0 comments

Looking for a fun night in Mexico? Does a Mexican party on water in Cancun sound fun? This is your chance to party on a trajinera (flat bottom boat) that will take you through the channels of Xoximilco, while you will toast to the good life. Salud!

Couple kissing in front of the Viva Chiapas sign in Mexico Park. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

COVID Warning: Masks are required on the bus and while at the excursion. Once you are at your designated (6 feet away ) seats on the trajinera, then the masks are allowed to come off. Also, please note the welcome carnival is not available at this time.


Xoximilco park gives you the chance to experience a traditional, authentic Mexican party on the water designed after the Xoximilco area in Mexico City. There will be colorful boats, dancing, drinking, and food. This is an “all-inclusive park” and it has everything you need to have a good time.

Colorful boats trajinera at Viva Chiapas in Mexico Park. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico
Park Information

You must buy tickets in advance.


Adults Online


Kids Online (5-11 years old)


Click here for tickets.

Age requirement is 5 years old.


Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday


Insider Tip: This excursion is free if you are staying at the Hotel Xcaret. Reservations are required in advance. Please click here for more information about the hotel.


Cancun, Mexico

What to wear

There is no dress code. I decided to wear this adorable green dress that reminds me of Mexico. Was I overdressed? Nope, you will see a variety of outfits. I even saw people wearing shorts and flip flops. However, any chance I can get to dress up…. I take it.

Couple kissing in front of the Viva Chiapas sign in Mexico Park. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

If you are staying at the hotel Xcaret the park will provided you a bus. This will give you the perfect opportunity to drink the night away. Hello the liquor is free! Bottoms up!

Colorful buses at Viva Chiapas in Mexico Park. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico
Upon Arrival

Once you arrive, you will cross the famous Xcaret hanging bridges where you will be greeted by a Mariachi Band. Then, you are guided to the docks where you will find a colorful trajinera waiting for you along with your party guide. This will be your party boat for the next 3 hours! Our boat was Viva Chaipas which means “Long Live the City of Chaipas.”

Insider Tip: Due to COVID there are only 10 people on a trajinera vs the normal 20 people.


The host will inform you that it’s an open bar! That’s right all you can drink! You can select from endless amounts of: beer, tequila, rum, and vodka, soft drinks, and aguas frescas. Let’s just say by the end of the night everyone on the boat will be your best friend. Hurra!

Man who is the guide at Viva Chiapas in Mexico Park. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

Insider Tip: The hosts goal is to get you drunk. Do not end up like me with a hangover the next day. Nothing like spending an entire day in Mexico sick.

My husband was able to try a grasshopper with tequila shot. I’m not sure if this is authentic Mexican culture or it’s something they do to tourists for shits and giggles. Hehe!

Shot of tequila with a grasshopper in it. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

Here is to the chapulines!

Man taking a shot of tequila with a grasshopper in it. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

Did you really come for the food? We personally came to party.

Here is the three course authentic Mexican cuisine. Hint hint.. keep in mind you are here to party.


This is your chance to try some unique eats. Come with an open mind.

Appetizer platter of food. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

Main Course

Dinner is served.

Main course platter of food. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

Insider Tip: If you have picky eaters such as small children fried chicken strips are served instead of traditional flavors of Mexico.


This is everything you can ask for. Flan and Mexican candy.

Dessert platter of food. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico
Live Music

After a few drinks, then the Fiesta will start. You will hear several different types of Mexican music, such as: mariachi, norteño, ranchero, jarana marimba, and banda de pueblo.

Live musical band playing instruments. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico
Live musical band playing instruments. | XOXIMILCO Cancun, Mexico

Your trajinera will dock at several Musical trajinera located around the canal, where you can dance your heart out. This is your chance to learn how to dance to the different styles of music.

Insider Tip: Bring a tip for your host. It is well deserved!

I went into this experience not knowing what to expect. The fact I can not remember most of the night leads me to believe it was a GREAT night! Just kidding! However, keep in mind this is an adult style party, therefore I suggest keeping the kids at home so you can have a good time. This is your chance to experience an authentic Mexican Fiesta. Plenty of music, food, and drinks, equals to a fun filled night that you will remember for the rest of your life. Now go and have a great time!

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